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In short, this manga is about a twelve year old girl called Shiina Tamai who finds a cute, star-shaped creature when she is out swimming. She names it Hoshimaru (round-star) and later discovers that it's called a Shadow Dragon, and there are other kids in the world who are also partnered up with them. She soon becomes friends with a quiet girl called Akira, who has a Shadow Dragon too.

There's no goal Shiina is aiming for, and the manga chronicles her day-to-day like with Hoshimaru. The manga often covers the lives of other kids with Shadow Dragons and how they live their lives.

The English name for the series is Shadow Star.

I have recently finished reading the twelfth and final volume. I have to say that I've enjoyed it considerably. I've found it a very fun read.

This manga may not suit some people's tastes, but I quite like it. As a rule of thumb, I'd suggest reading the first two volumes. They are a fair sample of the manga.

Oh yes, it also has an anime series made out of it.


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narutaru is the name of anime series which is based on manga.it was reelised in amarica. i think the series is mainly about between young girl and young people, they have boned dragons.


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Too bad the anime got canceled.

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Narutura is more than kids and creatures. It pretty much defines the hell children gone through in today's society. In fact, the author is infamous for that which is why most of the anime adaptations didn't serve him justice.
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