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Naruto and Boruto Discussion Thread

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what were the revealed ones summons, negation...what else and he was surprised and caught off guard granted.

Pain's summonings:

Nine-Headed Canine
Other Pain Bodies

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Well there are a lost of spoilers i have seen till now but none are confirmed, but just now i saw 2 pics of the chapters which sugest that some part of the spoilers might be true.
It seems that there is a huge explosion in Konoha & according to those unconfrimed infos it is done by God Realm Pain.
Also it seems that Human Realm Pain removes Shizune's soul from her body.

Well bye bye Shizune...

Drat, and I was hoping to see a naked Shizune's soul Gundam Seed style.

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Some other spoiler infos which is said to be confirmed but might still be fake.
It seems that Pain plans to retreat now that he knows Naruto is not here but decide to blow up Konoha (don't know why he does it though). Also it seems that Tsunade in the mean time is getting ready to attack GR Pain.
It also seems that all the Pain body either get defeated or else the just stop working as soon as GR Pain uses his destruction attack (According to some other people it seems that Konan says that if Pain uses that move he would shorten his life) and also tells Konan to hide.
One of the frogs inform to Fukasaku that the name of the frog which was stationed in Konoha has disappeared from there some sort of list.
Ma frog seems to be summoning something and it is said that Naruto would return to Konoha in the next weeks chapter. Also it seems at the end that as Konoha is being destroyed Naruto or the frogs have turned up by summoning (not clear how this happens).
It seems that Sakura begs for Naruto to return soon & save them after seeing the damage which has happened to Konoha.


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Well, Naruto seems to be slowing down. Bleach is picking up the pace now.

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Well, with Shizune gone that's another to add to the list of 'Shock Deaths' - well tbh, Shizune annoyed me.


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So Pain removing their soul is killing them? I guess I didn't really pay attention, but to me it didn't look like he was killing them, just incapacitating them.


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I don't really mind Shizune dying.


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Shinra tensei... Nagato's technique basically turned konoha to rubble. Wow, that was too much but this chapter was great, though not great for konoha. mass killing, this is what this chapter is about. and poor shizune.

on another note, anybody here thinks Madara taught Nagato/Pain and Konan after Yahiko died? and then brainwashed the two, seeing that Nagato is a rinnegan user, and manipulated them? i wondered now, why would these two follow tobi/madara?

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That's all I can say.....except we'll probably have a few chapters of them working out the death toll =3


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that was a good chapter but did he have kill off shizune T_T

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It's kinda sad that we probably will never see Kiba's dad.

Hope some of the old characters survive this.


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wonder who it will be...I think it will be Kiba or Shino, since Kiba is reckless enough and where is Shino?

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wonder who it will be...I think it will be Kiba or Shino, since Kiba is reckless enough and where is Shino?

Maybe it's Hinata.:p


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I imagine that many will be dead, but I think many are overestimating the power of the explosion. The buildings were probably weakened by the battles, so they would have been easier to destroy.

Mostly shinobi will survive, IMO.


Shizune - Owned
My dwindeling respect for Sakura - Also owned
Konoha - Holyshitblownhalfwaytohell pwned

My favorite chapter.


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However, arent shinobi supposed to put the village/citizens ahead of their lives?
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