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Naruto and Boruto Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Alternate Animé & Manga Discussion' started by EmberStar the Blaziken, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. TsukiMirage

    TsukiMirage Rikudou Master

    Ee's in charge because of several factors. Since Nagato's attack, Konoha's defense has greatly weaken. Kumo has the greatest military strength and control of a Jinchuuriki. And finally, Tsunade's record in a battle isn't all that great. Even though she was suppose to be protecting Naruto from getting caught by Akatsuki, She instead sends him into a fight he would have lost. Trust her with both Jinchuuriki and this war will end up being over quickly.
  2. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I guess. The author isn't one to usually give us all the information right away haha so that body probably won't appear for a while yet. I don't think it'll fight though, it could've been Madara's love interest.
  3. ~Heaven Help Us~

    ~Heaven Help Us~ Well-Known Member

    It's gonna come up when we completely forget about it.
  4. HoennMaster

    HoennMaster Well-Known Member

    Most of those are not reasons why Tsunade is not in charge. Had she been at the meeting, she might have had control of the Alliance for the same reasons as Danzo. Plus, Konoha also has a Jinchurriki, so that's not exactly why Kumo has the leadership.

    The Raikage was made the leader after what happened with Danzo so there really was no point to give leadership to her just because she woke up. Plus, Konoha really doesn't need the burden of leading the 5 Great Countries while trying to re-build. And even if she had control of Killer Bee too you don't know that she might do with them.
  5. MizuJosh

    MizuJosh Sapphire Kingdra

    As far as I remember, Naruto was definitely winning against Pain.
  6. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Until he got detained by Pain and before he let the Kyuubi's mind take over his actions. During his Six-tails state, he got captured in the Chibaku Tensei and then he went to his Eight-tails state and he was on the verge of escaping that moon but I still think Pain was pushing him pretty far.
  7. 7 tyranitars

    7 tyranitars Well-Known Member

    naruto would have won you should also consider that the kyuubi is a part of narutos power since it is sealed in him, and he still won from pain at his own not counting in the information he got
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2010
  8. TsukiMirage

    TsukiMirage Rikudou Master

    Well, I was listing reasons beyond just those in the plot. Plotwise, I doubt she would have been made summit leader by Mifune. The fact that Sasuke was running around killing people and still not considered a missing nin would have been a mark against her. Her and danzo are far to different for the same reasoning to apply to them both. Plus there's that control of Mifune issue that I don't know how it figures in. Anyway, Kumo has a Jinchuuirki that's fully in control while Koonoha's Jinchuuriki has no control.

    I may not know for sure what she would do with Kirabi, But I can make a pretty good guess. Tsunade is really reckless when it comes to the forces under her control. It's only luck that it hasn't all blown up in her face. Tsunade believes to much in "faith" and not enough in tactic itself to be a good commander.

    Naruto won through various lucky brecks. The thing that Tsunade had been counting on him using to win, Sage Mode, Instead didn't help that greatly. heck, ut wasn't even needed in the end to finish Deva path off.

    The Kyuubi may be apart of him, But Hinata and Minato aren't. Without them he would have lost and died twice.
  9. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Well I did account for the Kyuubi, I still think Pain would've won somehow, he was blessed with the Sage of Six Path's eyes, the same eyes that took on the Juubi.
  10. TsukiMirage

    TsukiMirage Rikudou Master

    Considering the sheer number of factors Naruto needed against Nagato, It's clearly unlikely that Naruto would have been able to win if even one of those factors were gone. In it's own way, This fact does help maintain the implied power of Nagato and the Rinnegan, As it took a combination of lucky breaks for them to be defeated.
  11. 7 tyranitars

    7 tyranitars Well-Known Member

    yes whitout hinata and minato naruto would have died, but that didn't changed the fact that pain was defeated in the end ok given nagato sacreficed himself to revive the deaths of konoha that day
  12. HoennMaster

    HoennMaster Well-Known Member

    See I really don't buy that. Naruto defeated five of the six paths, and by that time he was running low on natural energy and chakra. Who's to say if he had them that he couldn't have defeated Deva path, especially since he wasn't even in Sage Mode when he did defeat him. The whole end of the battle is just filled with what ifs.
  13. TsukiMirage

    TsukiMirage Rikudou Master

    Sage Mode rejuvenates Naruto each time he goes into it. There's no running low with it. Naruto tried to fight Deva Path in sage Mode and couldn't do it. Only after Deva Path was worn out from dealing with the Kyuubi was Naruto able to defeat it. The point being, Naruto showcased all he could do in Sage Mode and those abilities alone could not have helped him win.
  14. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I wouldn't source Hinata as being helpful in this battle. If anything, Hinata hindered Naruto since his rage triggered when she go hurt and because of that, the Kyuubi almost escaped the seal. Had it escaped, it probably would've killed Pain (Yahiko at least) then it would've rampaged around the Land of Fire. That would've been the worst ending possible. Anyway moving on.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2010
  15. Shadow Lucario

    Shadow Lucario Lone Vanguard

    Nagato is stronger than Naruto. Point blank period. A strong factor that contributed to Naruto's victory was that Nagato couldn't kill him so it was obvious he wasn't fighting at full strength. The Deva Path had many oppurtunities to kill Naruto, but he couldn't take them or Akatsuki's plan would go into shambles.
  16. TsukiMirage

    TsukiMirage Rikudou Master

    Hinata, or really any person, Was needed to force Naruto into his Kyuubi transformation. Otherwise he would not have been able to escape from Deva path. So she is considered to have been helpful.
  17. 7 tyranitars

    7 tyranitars Well-Known Member


    The seal-key frog returns Naruto to Konoha.
    When he returns to Ichiraku Ramen, some ninja’s son asks him for his autograph, since he’s a fan of his. The owner, too, is proud of him.

    The hokages argue about what to do w/ naruto and bee.
    Tsunade angrily argues that sheltering them is a waste. “What’s the point if we lose the war? Weren’t they for that purpose?”
    Unfortunately, she loses to majority vote.
    It is decided to shelter them in Cloud Country, the one place akatsuki haven’t shown up from. The exact location is Oganjima (island of demons, from japanese folklore)

    Nartuo was picturing paradise, but is sorely disappointed.
    Naruto is with Yamato on a boat when they’re attacked by a giant squid, but are saved by Bee’s sudden transformation.

    Naruto – “Oh, so YOU’RE the octopus I needed to find?”
    Bee – “You’re late, bro”

    it's a pretty reliable source and I saw the one piece and bleach spoilers between in but it was the only one I saw could be just released
  18. TsukiMirage

    TsukiMirage Rikudou Master

    Like I thought, Tsunade doing it again. Luckily the others aren't just blindly following random faith. At least Kirabi and Naruto have meant finally.
  19. SharpedoX

    SharpedoX Treinador Áureo

    Sorry to jump to conclusions, but those spoilers seem kind of dubious. So, Tsunade doesn't want to protect the hosts? What gives? I thought she knew better than that. Then again, she sent Naruto to face numerous Akatsuki members.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2010
  20. HoennMaster

    HoennMaster Well-Known Member

    It's not that she doesn't want to protect, its that she thinks they will be useful. And she's not the only Kage that thought that either so you can't pin this all on her. I sort of agree with her. They are two of the strongest ninjas the alliance has. LOL, sending them right to the place Kisame is. How ironic.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2010

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