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Naruto Club

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Ball is life.
.:Club Officialy Approved by PsiUmbreon:.​

A club for anyone,whether you've been a Naruto fan, or you've just heard of it and is currently interested in it. More action Packed than DBZ and is currently ranked, the number 1 anime in Japan. Naruto will be aired for the first time in the US by Cartoon Network (Toonami) on September 10, 05.

Main Rules:
1. No Spamming.
2. Don't go offtopic too much.
3. No Flaming
4. Treat each and every member with utmost respect.
5. Have fun.

Owner: Da_Ultimate

Co-owners:poochyena, KnightBlazer

1. Da_Ultimate
2. Mimori Kiryu
3. Cyndaquil's No. 1 Fan
4. RIku-CHan
5. Landon
6. Knightblazer
7. LunchBox
8. Sasuke-San
9. FleaBitten
10. HellKorn
11. rikapal03
12. BrokenDreams
13. Blaze_Freedom
14. FireFox2005
15. Kamairie
16. ~*~*Foxrose*~*~
18. Kairyu
19. Orochimaru
20.The Emerald King
21. P-Arts
22. Meowth_Fan
23. Poochyena
24. Angel
25. Shaq-Attack
26. Action Gamer
27. Asuka Tachibana
28. Sean Luigi
29. Chronicles Death
30. Naruto
31. Inferno Zangoose
32. Jack Russell
33. Cole
34. Tamimori
35. PKMN Person
36. Cameronius
37. Zatch Girl
38. AnbuNinja
39. E-S-P-E-O-N
40. BadWolf42
41. Chaos Zero
42. Fudge Monkey
43. Crash CSIQ
44. Civic Avenger
45. CoolTrainerTerry
46. IceDragon
47. Hukuzo
48. MachopGirl
49. Espionage
50. YumiYuko
51. Pokeshipping Togetic
52. Rose
53. supertyphlosion
54. Dufort
55. Luna
56. Koisnake
57. Hyuuga Neji
58. ashgirlsmayandmisty
59. kisame
60. Leon Kennedy
61. BH-Star
62. Ninetails USA
63. Choice
64. Shaolin Monkey
65. Kanadian Kyuubi
66. Espeon
67. Kiyo Charms
68. Tomcat
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Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
I'd like to join this club and try to be co-owner. I've been reading the manga in Shonen Jump since the beginning and I can't wait until the anime is released here in the states!

My fav character is Sasuke and I really don't have a least favorite because their all really cool characters.


Ball is life.
Welcome to the club. ^^ PM me for the test, to see if you qualify for the co-owner position.

Cyndaquil's No.1 Fan

I am in.... My favorite character is Naruto and i like Gaara....


Ball is life.
Welcome to the club. Mimori Kiryu's making the Club Banner, it'll be posted here when she's finished it.

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
Neat-o! Are you going to update the first post? Just asking!



Ball is life.
Welcome to the Club. Glad to see you join. ^^

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
Any of you guys have the manga? I have all issues of Shonen Jump, so yeah, I do ^_~


Ball is life.
Oh nah, I read the Mangas from Naruto-Kun.

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
What's your favorite shipping? I love Sasuke x Sakura, even though it's one sided.


can i join i love naruto i seen the manga online and can ibe a co.owner i see you need one more


Ball is life.
Mimori Kiryu said:
What's your favorite shipping? I love Sasuke x Sakura, even though it's one sided.

^^ ditto. I also like Naruto and Hinata.

Landon:You'll have to PM me for the Test to see if you're knowledgable enough to be a Co-Owner. Otherwise, yeah you can join. Welcome to the Club.

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
I'm sure DU will give you the test! Welcome to the club!



Ball is life.
Heh, there's a chance Sasuke will be back. Naruto hasn't broken his promise to Sakura you know. :/

Oh and welcome to the club. We're glad to have you here.
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