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Naruto Club

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Shiny Master
Hmm, Kiba huh?...Um...He's cool, I guess, (never really thought about him). He's also pretty good when it comes to battles, and Akamaru's a cute companion gor him.

Speaking of hood off, did you want his hood off in the drawing? And did you want him before or after the time-skip?

Also, I've been meaning to post this for you:

Took it from some other buttons and erased the other stuff arounf it. ^^

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
I use to be here all the time and then I drifted...but I ish back again. D:

Can I rejoin? XD Anyway.......I'll answer the opening questions...

Who are your favorite characters?

Sasuke (dur!), Kiba, Gaara, Naruto and Sakura. D=

What couplings do you support?

Depends. Normal, Yaoi or Yuri? xD But my main ones are Sakura x Sasuke, Naruto x Hinata and Temari x Nara.

What episode are you at in the anime?

Somewhere in the 100's. I've jumped around. @___@

What chapter are you at in the manga?

Whatever chapter it is in Shonen Jump. I subscribe! XD


Shiny Master
Hello, KY! Welcome back (I guess)! You might know me, might not. *Points to sig*

Well, at least I didn't have to post the NMQs. XD

Also, we're currently disscussing Kiba.

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
On the member list, I'm Mimori Kiryu, but had a name change. So, that's me. I was actually the first member a LONG time ago. XD But, yeah, I recognize you, Mina. ^___^

I LOVE Kiba, to be on topic. He's an awesome character and a GREAT battler. It was kind of sad [spoil]when he lost to Naruto during the Chuunin Exam, but he lost with style. ^^ Not to mention, he tried to watch over Hinata for her next fight. =D[/spoil]


Well-Known Member
Shar: I told Psi that you would restart the club as not to leave some of the members of this club out in the cold. Therefore, go make a new thread then Psi will close this one. DDDDDXXXXXXX That's an order.
THANK YOU. XD That's all I needed to know.

*pops in*
I've been busy all day and yesterday. D:
Okay guys, I'm going to make a new thread for the club in just a few minutes, so, yeah.

Oh, and hi Kanami! XD We're going to restart the club since the club owner is like.. notherereallymuchanymore.


Party Monster 8D
Shar, I call Co-Owner, FYI. <333

Aaaand.....yes, hood off. >D

AWW. *savearama*

Hey KY. <3


Shiny Master
THANK YOU, TEM-CHAN! I tried, like, 3 times, but I couldn't get his hood right.

Yeah, I thought I saw you somewhere, KY. Do you lep out at the Celebrity Thread or somethin'?

Also, is there any other things to be besides co-owner and owner?
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