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Naruto General Shipping Discussion

Discussion in 'Alternative Shipping' started by Yoshi-kun, May 4, 2009.

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  1. Yoshi-kun

    Yoshi-kun Wandering the Forums



    Welcome to the Naruto General Shipping Discussion! Whether you support canon, crack, or everything inbetween, this is the place for you. Because Naruto has more potential pairings than you can throw a shuriken at.


    Naruto is a highly popular manga about ninjas that was developed into an anime series, and has several movies and OVA's. It's about a young boy named Naruto Uzamaki who has dreams of becomding Hokage. He gets teamed up with Sakura Haruno, Sauske Uchiha, and their teacher Kakashi Hatake, and the wild ride to becoming a Shinobi starts from there.


    1. All Serebii forums rules apply.
    2. No spamming.
    3. No bashing.
    4. If you post fanwork, please give credit.
    5. Please use spoiler tags when necessary.

    Topics, I'll start.

    What Naruto parings do you support?
    Last edited: May 5, 2009
  2. iLOVEcroutons

    iLOVEcroutons Grass Type Lover

    I truthfully don't know why anyone posted here! BUUUUUUUUUUT!

    What Naruto parings do you support?
    The shipping I support usually involve Sakura~! Lol
    My top favorites are; KakaSaku and SaiSaku! =]
  3. Ho-ohRocks201

    Ho-ohRocks201 Beyond the Rainbow~

    What Naruto Pairings do you support?

    Idk, I'm torn between NaruHina (Is that how it is?) or SakuNaru.

    I have no idea. :(
  4. Mel-Girl

    Mel-Girl left. right.


    ...rofl waitying.

    What Naruto parings do you support?

    I don't like care for them but I like NaruHina and NaruSaku, but I lean towards the latter more. I think LeeSaku pwns these two more simply because Lee is so flippin' cute with his crush on Sakura and like, he'd be the sweetest boyfriend and I think Sakura needs to acknowledge that more. She never seems to notice quick enough that she has guys that would do almost anything for her but she spends the first season liking a guy that doesn't give her much credit for anything she does for him... Which is why SasuSaku is not one I particularly like. But whatever, onto pairings I actually like.

    Ino gets shipped around because she's my shipping Hikari. Aka she gets a gazillion ships just like Hikari from Pokemon does. Most are crack. Whatever.

    I like ShikaIno, it's like Haruhi x Kyon with the loud crazy girl and the guy who's attempting to keep her in check, only at least Ino and Shikamaru work together much better. I think Ino cares more for her teammates than she lets on and I know that Shikamaru is often watching out for her and like, I love how he notices stuff like he knew that Ino would be concerned for Sakura in the Forest fo Death or whatever it's called and encouraged her to do the right thing and help, I think he was aiming for that. And he gets really caught up in Ino VS Sakura, which I think is fun. Plus Ino is trying to doll herself up for the guys but Shikamaru never seems to think that she should bother so much. I like to think of it as he likes her as she is. XD Yeah, I'm a ShikaIno nut.

    But I'm also a KibaIno nut. I like KibaIno best out of the Kiba het ships. Kiba would definitely protect her but he'd also have heaps of fun with her because I think he can make Ino cut loose a bit more and the two would be crazy at parties, socialising and everything. I think they'd have quite an energetic fun dynamic and I know that Ino would give the best reactions to Kiba's teasing plus Ino can beat Kiba around when he's going too far. It's like Kiba het gold for me... Apart from MelKiba plz plz.

    I don't go as spazzy but I read a fic which made me discover that some fanfics make InoSai and InoSasu into quite the sexy pairings. Even though I know that in canon, she's mostly fangirly over the two but like, fanfics, damn them, they can get you into anything regardless of the actual couple basis in canon. Fanfics also make me like InoDei, InoSaso, InoIta, InoGaa, InoNeji, InoShino, you name it. Except for InoChouji, mostly because I don't find Chouji to have a snazzy enough personality. Or maybe I read too much ChouHina and that to be strangely more appealing. Ah well.

    I also like ShinoHina, probably because I'm scapegoating Hinata away from Kiba. Yeah, I'm shameless. But hey, Hinata's a sweet girl, she'd be nice and maybe help Shino to be more open, plus she wouldn't be all noisy and irritating. But the problem is, I can't imagine the two doing much. It annoys me, I've been trying to think about for ages... maybe KibaHinaShino? Yeah, that might work. Kiba can drag them out for some fun times and ditch 'em later when he wants some Shika/Ino!secks. *shot*

    Okay, I love ShikaKiba. It's so thoroughly entertaining. Kiba would be noisy and wild and drag Shika everywhere and Shika would be all, "Troublesome..." but he can't deny the sex god within Kiba. Okay, not really. Kiba does show respect for Shikamaru as a leader I reckon and so he'd probably happily restrain himself from KibaShika!secks and... okay, I have barely any canon basis for this pairing except... SHADDAP IT'S MY NARUTO OTP DEAL WITH IT. XP

    When it comes to polyships, ShikaKibaNeji is Naruto OT3 because it's like, three fave Naruto bishies smooshed together for Mel's sex fantasies. The way I talk about my Naruto pairings makes it sound like I write lemons for them on a regular basis. Gawd.

    Oh yeah, ItaKisa is amusing even for Kisame isn't overly attractive and shippable but we all know he wants Itachi anyway. And SasoDei is secretly canon. Shhh. Don't tell anyone.

    /ends mostly yaoi rant

    I like NejiTen. Even though Tenten barely does anything. She knows she can't resist Neji. I mean, if I were Tenten, I'd be glomping Neji on a regular basis to the point where if I go without a day without glomping him, he feels like he's done something wrong...

    Yeah yeah, nerdy fangirl jazz is over.

    EDIT: don't tell anyone but Shikamaru wants the other two in my banner but they haven't noticed yet.
  5. Yoshi-kun

    Yoshi-kun Wandering the Forums

    I knew someone would post eventually. :p

    Thankies. I was wondering why it hadn't already been done when I made it.

    What Naruto parings do you support?

    I'm into NaruHina, because I've always liked Hinata's interaction with Naruto. He would be so clueless as to why she was shy. And she was always trying to help him, believed in him no one else did, and would be ready to do anything for him. In other words she was the only non Sasuke fangirl in the bunch and I respect her for that. :p She had to go and love the class clown instead, and it makes it interesting.

    Though I'm also into SasuSaku, even if it's one sided. I don't really care for Sasuke and Sakura as characters, but I think they look good together. And if he ever decided to rebuild the clan like he said, Sakura wouldn't hesitate to help. Err I think he could tolerate her more than some of the others. He'd fire Ino after a week...

    LeeSaku is all kinds of awesomeness and win. Unlike SasuSaku I think Sakura would actually end happier with Lee than Sasuke. Not to mention it's hilariously entertaining and emtional at times.

    SasuNaru is just... Well what am I supposed to say after some of the things that have happened? It's insanely obvious who Naruto's attention has been on for a long time, not to mention that conversation he had with Sakura...

    ShikaTema rocks, pure and simple. He's smart, she's smart, he's lazy, she kicks butt, he's sexist, she saved his butt. They go together and 'nuff said.

    ShikaIno was the original conflicting one. Ino's face was priceless when she got paired up with him. They go together too...

    NejiTen I've always got he feeling Ten Ten was into him. Well from what I get out her appearances. They are not much...
  6. Uzamaki Hinata

    Uzamaki Hinata Bye bye!

    My thoughts exactly.

    What Naruto parings do you support?

    There are too many too choose from! But I will say that one shipping that has hit me from the start is Naruhina! Though my love for Naruto anime has... chilled. funny that he's part of my username, huh? I can still say that this shipping brings a smile to my face. And I was thrilled when she finally confessed! Seriously, I was on a shipping high for a full day, hah. Call me crazy, but I tend to fall for the "shy-girl-meets-loud-boy" relationship. I honestly think that they can both balance each other off. Naruto, would of course, teach her to be more open about her feelings and less shy and she would teach him how to be less... loud? hm, sounded better in my head.

    Another shipping I recently (recent meaning not as long as naruhina but still has a few years on it) started to like is sasuhina! I know, they couldn't be more opposite if they could. Plus, no screen time. But again, the bad boy, you gotta love the bad boy. In the fanfics that I've read, Sasuke had always played, of course, the bad boy, the same bad boy that sometimes Hinata wanted nothing to do with and other times, Hinata simply wanted to understand. Still, in all the stories and fanarts that I've read, I will admit that sasuhina is a temporary ship that heats up every few months when I remember it whereas naruhina will forever be my favorite ship of Naruto.

    As for other character relations, I have to admit, I have no objections, I've just never gotten in to any that have interested me as much as naruhina or susuhina have. Then again, that may be because of my Hinata obsession. It may just be that lol
  7. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Haven't seen Naruto in a while but check out a bit of the manga from time to time. Some of the characters are really interesting. My favorites are Itachi, Kakashi, Sakura and Hinata and I do kinda tend to ship Sakura around a lot. I used to look at Naruto fan art a lot especially the shippy stuff. XD Naruto shippy fan art has invaded DA. XD

    NaruSasu is plain hilarious at times. XD

    What Naruto Pairings do you support?
    I love quite a bunch of them, but I'm just going to mention some of my personal favs. A lot of then contain Sakura or Itachi. *Bricked*

    Itachi x Sasuke
    Incest and Yaoi OTP. Used to think I was insane to love this ship. Then I found out it was really popular I was like awesome stuff. ;P Was in love with this pair because of the hatred and fuel to kill. Tragic past they had. Bad boys incest lurving. ;D And it's a beautiful pair too, ya know. God some of the fan art is hot.

    Itachi x Sakura
    hehehe I think this would be fun. Another Naruto OTP of mine I like. And I think Itachi is far more attractive than Sasuke. *bricked* I think it would be pretty cunning as well and might fuel up Sasuke a bit.

    Naruto x Hinata
    Was a pair obsession in 2007. Saved a whole bunch of fan art, read bunches of fan fics and AMVs too.

    Sakura x Sasuke
    I liked this pair a lot in 2007 too. Though I think she would be happier with someone like Naruto or Lee.

    Ino x Sakura
    Yuri OTP. <3
    The girls are cool. Friends and rivals but deep down they wuv each other really.
  8. Mr.Pong

    Mr.Pong Cousin Of Gold

    let's see.... the pairings I like are

    NaruSaku- I think Sakura is acknowledging Naruto ever since he saved her from Garra during the hidden leaf village invasion. Also she got jealous at Naruto at one time because he found Sasame more attractive than her, which was really cute. We all know how much Naruto loves her, not to mention that when Sasuke was in hospital after the big race episode. And Naruto sulked out of the building. That's probably one of the reasons that he wants to beat sasuke really badly: To prove that he's stroger than sasuke.

    NaruHina- When I encountered Hinata for the first time, I didn't really like her that much. But during the episode where she reveals her Protective Eight Trigram Jutsu, I began to like her more. And she really likes Naruto because she gets really red all the time whenever he sees her. Also Hinata fainted that one time when Naruto got really got close to her at the hospital when Naruto was walking on the ceiling. I think Naruto is starting to realize how Hinata cares for her especially after finding out that it was her idea to find the scent bug to help Naruto.

    ShikaTema- I think this couple fits together well. Because you have a lazy-laid back boy and a really badass intense girl. Also she saved Shikamaru from his mission in that one time. Also I get the feeling that he didn't beat Temari on purpose during the chunnin exams accept being lazy.... there might've been more than there is to it...

    ChoujiIno- I know this might seem weird to some of you, but I think this might work because Ino first visited Chouji after he got back from his injury while battling Orichimaru's henchmen. It showed that she was really worried about him. Also she always tells chouji to eat slowly and stuff like that. It shows that she cares about him. And I think Chouji finds her attractive and he would do anything for her anyway so yeah. lol

    LeeTenTen- I found the first hint when TenTen was gazing dreamily at Lee when he was training as she was sitting under a tree. And she made Lee's face as she was talking to Tsunade. during the curry of life episode mission. (I'm not sure that's a hint) I haven't seen Lee show any affections for TenTen Because He also likes Sakura.

    NejiTenTen- Not to mention that Neji is one of my favorite chracters but these two would make an awesome couple. Neji is just a hardcore badass and he's probably do anything for her. And I think TenTen finds Neji attractive too. But this shipping is just a specualation because I still don't know much about TenTen's character and she doesn't get a lot of air time on the show(which is a shame for being how cute she is)

    also her shipping with Lee is kind of a speculation also.
  9. EarthBorn

    EarthBorn ConVulATiON

    Naruto has a lot of possible ships, but here's what I like:


    Naruto's parents! I have a fondness for canon pairings in Naruto, and this one just jumped out on us way back when Jiraya mentioned his godfather status. Lol at Minato having to deal with a Naruto-like personality!


    My Naruto OTP. Pretty much my most actively supported ship as well. It's one of the few ships which have continuous mutual development. It's been developed at a very slow and gentle pace as well, but the signs are definitely there, and the depth of the bond between these two, romantic or not, is undeniable. I could write a whole essay on this, but one already exists, and explains pretty much why I love this ship.


    Fluff potential here. I always figured if Naruto didn't return her feelings, Kiba is the one closest to her. Yeah, as teammates, they do care for each other quite a bit. Kiba likes to tease her about Naruto in the anime filler moments as well. :D Anyhow, this definitely got me ever since Kiba was mentioned having a dominating mother, he obviously took to the gentler Hinata rather nicely.


    I'm neutral between these too. Too troublesome to figure out. ;)


    Sasuke. When has he ever gone to length just to find a GIRL and convince her to be on his team? Even after Itachi, the team hasn't been disbanded now, has it? She has Kushina's hair color as well. :)
  10. The Unknown Twinkie

    The Unknown Twinkie Lilligant is so cute

    I have a couple of shippings that I support

    1. NaruHina is my top favorite becuse hinata loves naruto eventhough naruto have the nine tail fox and she is inspired by his determenasion to be recognize as a person then a nobody

    2. leexten is my second favorite becuse rock lee just jump into action without thinking and tenten try to keep him from jumping into action
  11. Cyber Cyclone

    Cyber Cyclone Claimed.

    Cool. I am surprised that there isn't a thread like thsi already.
    What Naruto parings do you support?
    I am a HUGE SasuNaru fan. I also like SaiIno. LeeSaku is also really cute. KibaHina is also good because I want Hinata to have some kind of love because she is a really sweet girl that I would fall for is she was real <3 I also LOVE ShikaTema. NejiTen is also cool.
  12. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    I honestly haven't kept up with Naruto since...last summer? :( However, Kiori showed me the latest chapter, and I think I'm going to do some catching up over the course of this week. =P Is anyone willing to tell me which shippings (well, in your opinion) are "doing well" so to say right now? Have any ships "sunk?"

    The shippings I currently support:

    NaruSaku - Naruto OTP, man. I can't help but agree with all EarthBorn said. Not only is it adorable, but it has been constantly changing and developing since the beginning of the series which keeps me interested. These two have a really strong bond, and there is undeniable feelings from Naruto's side. I think Sakura is slowly starting to show her feelings? At least the last time I read, lol, I don't know about now, so sorry if I'm wrong. :<

    NaruSaku is honestly the only ship I really care about. ^^; I think NejiTen and ShikaTema are cute, but don't care for them that much. lol, I really need to get into more Naruto ships.
  13. Kiori

    Kiori ♥Tea for Two♥

    You're welcome Chelc. :D I might need to show you another NaruSaku chappie that you might have missed. XD

    Yes! Imo, the last time Sakura shows more about her feelings to Naruto was when he was back from "ending the war" with Pain. :D She hugged him and shed a tear. But of course, we're talking about Sakura here, so there's bound to be violence before anything cutesy. :p

    And, I've always been an NaruSaku shipper. :3 I love their bickering. Sure that Sakura may not have liked Naruto at first, but now she seems different. I don't really think it all started from the timeskip. I think it developed somewhat in the first part, and then Kishi was trying to make it more obvious in the second part. But that's just my thoughts on it. I just love the depth and development this pairing has. It would be a shame if they don't go together in the end, but hey, there are better things to talk about.

    Other ships include:

    ShikaTema - Thanks to Umi for introducing it to me. LOL)

    Sasuke/Karin - They should go together. Seriously. It kind of seems like he cares for her. Not sure if it's the same way or a bit more than he used to care for Sakura, but honestly, I think he pays more attention to Karin than to Sakura right now. But that's my thoughts. :p

    For the moment, I can't think anymore. XD NejiTen might be cute too. lol TenTen should get more spotlight, seriously.
  14. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    Omg, I saw that pic on the NaruSaku LJ comm. <3 So beautiful and etc. I guess Sakura also realizes Hinata's feelings for Naruto, too? I wonder how that makes her feel, lol. Also, WTF is Sai going to tell Sakura? I WANT TO KNOW NOW. :mad: I wish I could catch up on the manga, but I am way too behind, LOL. I'm only able to keep up with the anime. ]= I'll keep up with the latest chapters for the NaruSaku, though. *SHOT*

    I've seen images of Sasuke/Karin. It seems like a pretty good ship. From what I know about her, she's kind of similar to Sasuke? Or something like that.

    TenTen seriously needs more spotlight (definitely one of my favorite characters next to Sakura and Deidara). :( As does NejiTen. Such a cute pairing.
  15. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    NaruSaku = Hot
    On Deviant art there was this really beautiful picture of them in bed together. Nothing sexually explicit, just snuggling up together close. There was another of them in the rain by the same artist, if I recall correctly. I think they would make a good couple and I think after everything they have been through they would both have some really good stories to tell to their children.

    In fact, I'll look for that pic right now. I can't find it yet, but it was simply an outstanding pic. It was around a two years ago when I saw it.

    But in the mean time here is this stunning pic: http://Vhea.deviantart.com/art/Commission-NaruSaku-84752787
  16. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    I don't want to turn this into a NaruSaku thread (LOL SORRY), but OMG. That pic is wonderful. <3

    Yeah, I can't imagine them with anyone else - especially now that Sakura is starting to realize how devoted Naruto is to her. Her view of love was messed up due to Sasuke and everything, so I think it's hard for her to take in/going to take a while to get used to it. She isn't used to having someone give their all just for her. She must be really confused right now about her feelings, trying to figure them out. Come on Sai, don't let me down in the next chapter. Someone on another forum said something about NaruSaku being in the last ten chapters, meaning it's more frequent? Yay. Their relationship is so perfect right now. [= Even if it doesn't become canon, or nothing happens between them for a while, the moments that have happened recently may just be enough for me. XD

    Enough of NaruSaku! I wanna know who you guys ship Ino with. I've been working on finding a shipping for her...and Hinata, too. lol. Ideas?
  17. Mel-Girl

    Mel-Girl left. right.

    About the latest Naruto chapter... let's just say that for the NaruSaku fans, Sai didn't let us down! I'm totally happy right now, you just have to see it to get what I mean.

    As for Ino ships, I like KibaIno and ShikaIno. ShikaIno has that crazy girl and lazy guy dynamic that's always fun and Shika's often watching out for her and stuff and Ino seems to care a lot for him when she's not all, "OMG SASKAY-KUN" I think she got way more into Shikamaru's fights than Sasuke's actually.

    Though there's some good SasuIno fics out there, I will admit. I also love KibaIno for the fact that they're both two crazies but the crazies that would mesh well. I remember someone mentioning the Beauty and the Beast aspect and I thought that it does kinda fit Kiba and Ino in a way. Too bad they don't really interact though because I find that Kiba and Ino would actually work out if they got that chance.

    As for Hinata, idk, I kinda don't care enough about her to find a ship I really like for her. But some SasuHina fics are pretty snazzy. One fic made me like ChouHina and I think I mentioned ChouHina in some other post.


    I'll post links to more fanart later. Beware, I have preferences for Kiba fanart. Heck, I dislike KibaHina quite a bit but I still saved some KibaHina fanart because Kiba looked so damn adorable in them. <3

    But yes, I'm a happy NaruSaku fan at the moment.
  18. EarthBorn

    EarthBorn ConVulATiON

    NF is choke full of NaruHina fans. I don't mind the pairing, but the fanbases can really get obnoxious. Oh well, better not talk about that.

    Talking about the current situation in Naruto, it's a real tangle. A lot of things happened in the past twenty-ish chapters, and I don't know why Kishi is bringing in pairings right now when the characters have got bigger things to worry about.

    Not that I mind the additional NaruSaku :D. Just that Sai's talk in the middle of an important conversation was rather out of place. Anyway, I can't wait to see Sakura's reply after she finishes her current realization and everything sinks in. A lot of things hand on her choice on how she deals with Naruto's feelings for her, including the pursuit of Sasuke.
  19. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    Hmm...Yes, well, on the other hand, he kind of destroyed it with the last thing he said.
    So I'm going to wait.

    Since this is a predicament I've waited for so long : Sakura will have to make a decision; either yes or no.
    And besides, Hinata already confessed :)

    What Naruto parings do you support?

    from my shipping list :
    HidaKaku (Hidan x Kakuzu) - [img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139]
    Not much, since Hidan seems to be a bit more open to him, and with all they go through every day, I'm not surprised they can't stand each other, but yet Hidan remains playful...
    And Kakuzu can be attentionate when he feels like it hehe.

    ItaSasu (Itachi x Sasuke) - [img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139]
    Sasuke loved him since he was little.
    Itachi loved him forever but never admitted it.
    All he did, through all the saga, was trying to motivate Sasuke to get stronger so he can protect himself and those close to him. When the act was gone, and the events have ended, all that Sasuke was left with was the truth and memories. He cried.
    He cried the loss of the brother he loved and who loved him, and now seeks revenge on those who have used him.
    Uchihacest is the only incest pairing I suppot there. And I'm proud of it, because this has got to be something that will touch your heart when you read the manga.

    JiraTsu (Jiraiya x Tsunade) - [img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139]
    Became canon a moment too late, imo...
    Since he had to die for her to admit to herself she liked him, hints from his side are obvious, but meh, this is one of many onesided ship I support.

    KabuSaku (Kabuto x Sakura) - [img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139]
    Yeah, just imagine. Two medicalnin wonderkids. Both exceptionnaly talented with chakra manipulation, and from Konoha, I'd really loved to see more interraction between those two. But now, since Sakura hates his guts, I doubt this has a chance of getting anywhere, but now with Orochimaru's remains inside him, Kabuto may well become far more powerful...
    Had I been in charge, I'd have given him a more "social" portrait. Not always being Orochimaru's whipping boy, but always being on the field, infiltrating places, and taking Sakura hostage and having a time to talk.

    KakaKo (Kakashi x Konan) - [img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139]
    The pure hottttness lol
    just let him impress her with his abilities, you'll see that she's not going to remain icy cold for long...
    Alas, now with him presumed dead, I don't think this is worth mentionning :/
    It still is my main het Kakashi pairing =D

    NaruSaku (Naruto x Sakura) - [img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139]
    Shippuuden rubs it in your face. I don't like it something in particular, but it's growing on me. Naruto's crush since the beginning is sweet, and now Sakura is finally starting to like him.

    NejiTen (Neji x Tenten) - [img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139]
    Because she likes him, and he's very likely to ask her out one time.
    I dunno, it's my normal ship lol

    SaiIno (Sai x Ino) - [img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139]
    Wham !
    Even before these fameous words left his mouth, Ino had a crush on him and wanted to meet him.
    And even though these fameous words left his mouth for all the wrong reasons (and it doesn't take much effort to find out what he really meant by saying that xD) I can't resist the fact that this ship has a lot of potential. Besides that, it's hot, and Sai needs to discover more about life...love is part of that !

    SasoDei (Sasori x Deidara) - [img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139]
    How not see the love ? Different visions concerning art, yet they get along fairly well, imo (look at Hidan and Kakuzu lol)

    SasuHana (Sasuke x Hanabi) - [img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139]
    Yeah...don't ask, I just wonder what a Sharingan user and a Byakugan user's kid would be like ^^
    Seriously, that's it ! The pairing doesn't disturb me that much, all we need now is to see how little Hanabi developped, and what she doesn, how Sasuke reacts when he comes back to Konoha, and we'll see what goes on from there.
    But I can really immagine her fangirling over him, and even being infatuated.

    SasuNaru (Sasuke x Naruto) - [img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139]
    First thing I saw. Blame me for actually liking the thing that keeps the series going on ^^
    But anyway, since their (accidental) kiss and since Naruto started getting stronger, the relationship materialised and became much more complicated, as Sasuke sarted getting jealous. Naruto always wants to impress him, and admits that Sasuke is the first person he shared a bond with. Even though Sasuke want to cut those ties and Naruto has shown that he is not gay, this remains a favourite of mine, mostly for the fact that Naruto constantly wants him back. For what reason is debatable, whether to save his friend or to prove he can, we'll see.

    ShikaTema (Shikamaru x Temari) - [img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139]
    BrainiacShipping ^^
    Since their battle in the Chuunin exams, and every time they met afterwards, there has been some tension in the air, I believe something is on between them.
    And at the beginning of Shippuuden, they really seem to be close.
    I like it, because they go so well together...

    ZabuHaku (Zabuza x Haku) - [img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139][img139]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3403/11pxstarfullsvget3.png[/img139]
    Like JiraTsu, admitted it just too late.
    Second ship I started supporting, and it really is a touching one indeed, since we see a boy that has devoted his life to serving the person who saved him, and who in return remains cruel and distant. then again, Naruto manages to break that cold heart and wehn haku finally dies, Zabuza lets it all out...


    Besides all these, I still keep an open eye for everything going on with Sakura and Naruto...
    And as of lately, I've come to like/laugh at Suigetsu x Karin xD

    Oh, yeah, I was also reading an ItaSaku fic, written by our very own Chloe :D

    p.s. : that NaruSaku pic is sublime ._.
  20. LittleRedRodeo

    LittleRedRodeo Candy Apple Red

    I remember the old thread (I think Vycksta started it). Naruto has always been great for crackshipping, because there's oodles of possibilities. I'll support just about anything in the realm of AU and fanfic, but if I'm going to have an OTP, it's...

    NaruSaku- I don't like the way the latest chapters have developed it (too lengthy to go into here), but I've always found it enormously cute. We've had hints that Sakura does start to like Naruto waaay back in part 1, and one of the earliest was in the Chuunin Exam arc. During the written exams, Sakura is afraid Naruto will fail the last question and be banned from ever surpassing genin level. As she's thinking about how much he wants to be Hokage, she decides to raise her hand and flunk the whole team rather than allow Naruto to lose his dream forever. She didn't even consider how angry Sasuke would be at her, though he was still clearly her favorite boy at the time. This showed that she at least cared for Naruto a lot, even if she didn't have a crush on him at the time.

    Liked it ever since then, though for a while NaruHina was my favorite at the same time lol. Then Shippuden rolled about, and I liked NaruSaku even more. Their personalities go so well together, and I just adore how they're such good friends.
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