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Naruto General Shipping Discussion

Discussion in 'Alternative Shipping' started by Yoshi-kun, May 4, 2009.

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  1. Red and Blue

    Red and Blue Well-Known Member

    ^I don't think the trailers are teasing us this time.

    Unlike the previous movies, it was confirmed that Hinata will actually play a major role due to information on the plot and the fact that the Hyuga clan will be a major focus. Oh a romance will be a main focus. Besides, if NaruSaku became canon at the end of the manga, why would Hinata still be infatuated with Naruto in the movie? Wouldn't it be strange since he would have been "taken"?

    But the movie is actually focusing on romance, something that none of the movies have ever done with the main characters. You yourself said that there would be Naruhina moments. Why would romance even be a major subplot in the film if none of the Naruto pairings were to become canon?
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  2. BubChan

    BubChan Wonderwall

    I think that everyone here saw the new The Last trailer, and yeah, NaruHina in the movie, i don't think that NaruSaku will happend after all those NaruHina stuff in the movie, remember that this movie is a canon movie, not a filler movie like RTN, about SasuSaku, i don't think that we're going to see SS being canon, so yeah, i think that NH will be the unique shipping that is going to be canon

    About the canon ships, i'll give my opinion, NaruHina was the ship that we always knew that would happend, Hinata always loved Naruto, Naruto never loved Sakura, he had a crush on her, but never loved her, NaruHina had a great story, and i think they're perfect for each other, and Hinata is such a great wife! I love SasuSaku, but Sasuke's apologize happend in one secound, like, boom, they're married now, i think they needed more time to talk, ShikaTema was a not yet canon shipping, so yeah, SaiIno was a great match too, but i want to see how they ended up married and about Chouji and Karui, well, i'll wait for answers. The children's design were amazing too!
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2015
  3. BlueDragonfangirl

    BlueDragonfangirl Well-Known Member

    I'm not an obsessed Naruto shipper but I've always been a Hinata x Naruto shipper, man ami glad we won.

    Though gotta say, Sakura x Naruto shippers are freaking me out. They don't even want the film to get dubbed due to that :(
  4. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    While I don't see eye-to-eye with many of them, I don't think the actions of a few should portray all NaruSaku shippers in a bad way. I mean even though I like NaruHina, if I'm being frank, I would've taken NaruSaku over SasuSaku at the end of the manga since I think Sasuke and Sakura make an odd couple now. But I guess there's no point in me crying over spilled milk.
  5. BlueDragonfangirl

    BlueDragonfangirl Well-Known Member

    Or maybe Lee x Sakura? He had just as much as a crush as Naruto on Her and would try to prove to her how much he's worth.
    Yah I agree, half way point of Shippuden that pairing didn't make sense, not to mention look at what they did to Sakura through out that process.

    I've heard of love / hate relationships but this is just ridiculous :/
  6. BubChan

    BubChan Wonderwall

    NaruSaku shippers are driving me crazy, they're just so selfish, sorry to say that, but they're saying bad stuff about Kishimoto just because NH and SS are canon, they just care about their shipping, they don't care if Naruto is happy or not, they're saying that every single smile Naruto gives after loving Hinata is fake, Naruto stopped loving Sakura in the beggining of the shippuden, but no, they can't understand that, so they start to hate Hinata, Naruto and Kishimoto, Sorry for this small bashing, but seriously... I'm so happy that we have many NS shippers that understand the last chapter, those are real NaruSaku shippers
  7. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    I'm really happy Naruhina became canon. It was still a surprise to me because I never expect my OTPS to become canon. Sasusaku on the other hand I really hated, but it wasn't until I saw Sarada in chapter 700, was when I learned to like and appreciate the ship again.
  8. BubChan

    BubChan Wonderwall

    Sarada is such a cutie, i loved her design, i'm happy that they became canon too, i knew that ShikaTema would be canon, but SaiIno got me, i love this pairing, and i'm so happy that they ended together, About ChouKarui, i'm happy to see both together, this was the ultimate crack ship OMG. I love NejiTen, but he's dead, so i would like to see Lee and TenTen Married, it would be so pretty!
  9. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    I find this post refreshing. There's a lot of hate going for the last naruto chapter, but I'm personally happy with it. I can't look at Nejiten or NejiHina stuff without feeling sad because I cried so hard when Neji died. The Rock Lee Spin Off really sold me Nejihina because Neji always trying to protect Hinata is so adorable.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2015
  10. NarutoHater84

    NarutoHater84 Active Member

    Pairings i support:


    For the Miniseries. I cursed Kishimotroll until he did what he did with Naruto to Bolt's series.

    InojiXBolt's sister
    SaladaXRock Lee's son.
  11. BubChan

    BubChan Wonderwall

    Rock Lee don't have a son, that boy that was with him was his new apprentice, and I don't think that Himawari will end up with Inoji, they're a crack ship, and Himawari is still a child, There are two shippings from the new generation that can become canon, Boruto and Sarada, Inojin and ChouChou, anyway, Kishimoto is not a troll, actually, almost all of the ships you support are crack, and about NaruSaku, there are no romantic development, sorry to say that, but saying that Kishimoto is troll just because he didn't made the shippings that you ship canon is so wrong
  12. Rika24

    Rika24 Fire Pokemon Trainer

    Ah Naruto, the series where i ship the most. So i'll break it down into sections.

    OTPs (in no particular order)
    My top 2 favorites, divided up by pairing type. These are the ones i search for and read tons of. Looking for Doujin of these be they friendship or couple.

    Het: KakaRin
    To be honest, this for the longest time was just wishing for a proper het pairing for Kakashi since I had no one to ship him with (and at the time hated yaoi), and i did like Rin a lot. It was largely supported for me by fanfics and fanart (mainly a certain artist was the one providing the fuel)

    It has just become so much more to me now that we got to see more interaction with what looks to be genuine affection (be it just friendship or more)

    Slash: KakaGai

    This one just completely sneaked up on me out of nowhere and now i love it so freakin much. I'm just a sucker for strong bonds of friendship so that's how this one started for me after Gai arrived to back up Kakashi during his fight with Itachi and Kisame. Then very, very gradually i started shipping them, thus the yaoi door was opened.

    I've got a long list of good KakaGai fics (both as just friends and as a couple).

    FAVORITES (in no particular order)
    These are the uber favs, but not as crazy about these as the OTPs, but close. These are also doujin and fanfic searches.

    Het: NaruHina
    Second het i fell for early on. I think what did it for me were two things:

    1.) no one noticed (or cared) about Naruto early on or noticed his struggles (from their age group) except Hinata (though she should have done something back then so he wasn't so lonely).

    2.) Naruto was a source of strength for her to latch onto.

    They both had to struggle for acceptance and i think that was what drew Hinata to him in the first place. In short, they helped each other grow and that makes the pairing interesting to me

    Het: KakaSaku
    One word: fanfiction. Just fanfiction, this is more of a guilty shipping that i tend to use as a self insert type deal usually when reading it (Shippuuden and post-Shippuuden fics only). i do enjoy the characters overall as a parental thing when it isn't shippy though.

    Slash: KakaObi
    As I said above with KakaGai, friendship is a huge thing for me and KakaObi was my #1 favorite friendship since Gaiden that i just latched onto (granted it was mostly Kakashi's dedication to Obito's memory that made me love them). Unlike KakaGai however, i know the very moment this crossed from bromance to full on ship: Elizarush's doujin.

    Note: if you support KakaObi and/or KakaGai, i rec this gender-bender doujin highly

    Slash: KakaNaru
    I honestly don't know what to say about this one. It still confuses me right now, I have no idea why i'm drawn to it (though i do prefer it parental/friendship and not romance usually, the latter is what confuses me when i do)

    Slash: YonKaka
    See same deal as KakaNaru.

    FOND OF] (in no particular order)
    These are just a tad below, trying to find some good fics.

    Het: SasuSaku

    This was my very first OTP in Naruto, and while it isn't the top one anymore it still holds a place for me. I believe it started under the radar when Sasuke protected her during the start of the wave arc and Sakura's reaction to thinking he was killed. It was during the Chuunin Exam when Sakura yelled at Sasuke that he was a coward that i was sold (both on the pairing and Sakura herself, whom i hated until that point).

    Het: LeeSaku
    This one is borderline favorite right now. I didn't care for it originally because of how it was first shown (love at first sight is stupid IMO) but it has been growing on me lately and they do look good together.

    Het: NaruSaku
    It's largely friendship based right now for me, but i do see where it could turn into more (though my love for NaruHina is what's keeping it from going into my favorites). I think what made me open to this pairing was when she was willing to turn her back on Sasuke in order to stop Naruto from hurting himself over his promise to her (granted the way she did it was wrong, but still, her heart was in the right place).

    NEW TO: (in no particular order)
    These are ones that i'm curious about, but haven't really found any good fics just yet.

    Het: SaiSaku
    This one is new for me, still looking for good fanfiction

    Het: KakaYuu
    Never thought to put these two together until i saw the Kakashi ANBU arc, now i can't unsee Kakashi and Yuugao together.

    Het: KakaHana
    It just works, they're both dog people lol.

    Het: SaiIno
    Blame the ending of the series, never thought about these two much until then.

    The ships that make no sense but i love anyways

    Het: LeeTema
    I just... Lee is just a sweet guy and i think he could be a good match for the strong and confident Temari.

    Het: DeiSaku
    This was a product of a few fanarts and fanfiction

    Het: ItaSaku
    i'm so sorry Sakura but your personality works too well with too many characters. it was curiosity that made me read just one ItaSaku fic, Metamorphosis by MitsukiShiroi, which is what started both ItaSaku and DeiSaku shipping for me.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2015
  13. First pairing to like since childhood: SASUSAKU!!! <3
    That particular pairing is precious to let go. I'm so happy its officially canon after so many years.

    Other pairings I adore
  14. ghostnatsume

    ghostnatsume Budding Breeder

    My favorite pairings in Naruto will always be Itachi x Hinata, Sasuke x Hinata, Sasuke x Naruto, and Sakura x Naruto

    I'm all for the crack man. Sasusaku and Naruhina shippers have the glory of having their ship be canon, yeah, but I really feel like Masashi Kishimoto threw the ending together. Ships are not important to him, clearly, because these canon ones literally have no chemistry to me and don't make sense. Frankly, Naruto ignored Hinata for the bulk of the series and the entire Sasuke and Sakura thing is still so messy.

    Otherwise, I support a lot of ships besides ones involving Sakura. I feel like a ton of Naruto fans just throw her in the most confusing ships ever like ?? I won't get started on that but yeah, that's my 2 cents.
  15. Blastoys

    Blastoys Blastoise Fanatic

    My first ever ship where I actually new what shipping was and took part in was NaruSaku. Even if you don't like the ship you had to admit those two had a great bond that grew throughout the series. Kishi just isn't good at Romance. I am kinda glad it did not end NaruSaku like ghostnatsume said because they were all just put together with no chemistry and I feel a lot of them lost what made thier characters great. (Naruto being a bad dad, Sakura being a housewife, Tenten being a horrible merchant salesperson?)

    I ship people based off of friendship and development. In other words I do it logically. Not oh character A and character B are so hawt! I must ships them!1111! Even doe dey nevar met eachother and hates each other.

    I am just making lighthearted fun. You can ship whoever.
  16. Mrs. Oreo

    Mrs. Oreo Banned

    I first shipped Naruto with Hinata simply cuz Hinata reminded me of myself, so I supported her crush on Naruto like my own life depended on it ha ha. But once Shippuden began I started shipping Naruto with Sakura since they became good friends and I wanted that to lead to romance. I also once shipped Tsunade with Kakashi which is slightly embarrassing to me now. ^^;
  17. BubChan

    BubChan Wonderwall

    naaah, never be embarrased of what you shipped in the past, when I first started watching and reading Naruto, I shipped SasuHina sooooo hard, even though their only interaction just happend in Boruto the movie, now I'm a hardcore NaruHina and SasuSaku shipper, but I still find SasuHina kinda cute as a crack ship
  18. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Metamorphosis and Loophole are my favourite Itasaku fics.

    @ghostnatsume I kinda genuingly ship Sakura with everyone but Sasuke. She's just so shippable.
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