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Naruto General Shipping Discussion

Discussion in 'Alternative Shipping' started by Yoshi-kun, May 4, 2009.

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  1. Yoshi-kun

    Yoshi-kun Wandering the Forums

    You know when I checked this thread two weeks ago it didn't have this many posts...

    Gotta love the kaplosion of activity. :D

    On the NaruSaku front, I'm torn, so very torn. I can see it coming like a tsunami, and the enjoyment it brings others, but I hold out for some hope for Hinata... Like the fan of NaruHina I am. lol ^ ^

    Ino? Man I'm just getting into SaiIno, it's so funky, and I prefer it a lot more than SasuIno. Of course there's always ShikaIno, and my favorite crack DeiIno. XD Yeah, I know, wonder what they would have in common? :rolleyes: :p I like the freaky lookalike thing okay? I have interest building in KibaIno, and whenever I think of ChouIno I laugh at the irony (remember when they got put in a team together? Though the same could be said for ShikaIno as well. I guess it explains a lot. ;)) Moral of the story, Ino is just so shippable! That's all that can be said.

    How about a new topic?

    What is/are your favorite Naruto ship/s?

    Will answer later. Enjoy~
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2009
  2. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    How pleasing :D

    Amen to that.
    I'd really prefer Hinata with Naruto. Honnestly. I have nothing against Sakura, but if she ends up with Naruto, Hinata's got nothing left ._.
    And Kiba is not an option imo ^^'

    Besides, Sakura can end up with Kakashi xD

    It's so awesome, even though he never meant it =]
    And I believe that now his social skills have improved, something more might come up. (I was plotting on writing a SaiIno oneshot...still working on it tbh ^^')

    The hair =D

    Though my personnal Deidara crack is Deidara x Sakura, by far lol
    I read a betrayal fic with Sakura joining Akatsuki, and partnered with Deidara...haha, was fun !

    What is/are your favorite Naruto ship/s?

    Let's do this by category
    yaoi : SasuNaru. Nuff said.
    yuri : none...actually...
    het : SaiIno for my absolute favourite and KakaSaku
    crackYaoi : SasuSai. Kishimoto's to blame, and everytime it makes me lol
    crackYuri : AnkoIno. The hottness ô_ô
    crackHet : KabuSaku. It's brilliant, the two medical wonderkids, together...or KakaAnko or KakaKo
  3. Kiori

    Kiori ♥Tea for Two♥

    "Let me talk to him..." "The fool's in love with me. <=') Something like that. Trying not to turn this into a NaruSaku shipping thread. HONEST. *shift eyes*

    Other Naruto shippings I like are ShikaTema, InoChouji, SasuKarin, NejiTen and maybe NejiHina? XD Idk @ later. I know it calls for incestry, but idk. I'm still quite unsure about that pairing tbh. I guess KibaHina can work too...?

    As for SasuKarin, they just belong together imo. She's nuts about him and he . . . won't lose her who cares about the reason behind it 8D! jk. I'm not quite sure the whole reason why I pair them together. It's one of those types of pairings where you just feel it by reading it. Strange as it may sound, but it is kind of like that for me.
  4. Gigachu

    Gigachu The Golden Fire Pika

    Pairings i support:

    NaruHina or NaruSaku


    I have my reasons >.>


  5. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    NaruSaku just got owned :D

    But then again, maybe he'll give her a second chance when she stops the "lies" to herself...
    I consider something like this an event big enough to sink a ship...you ?
  6. EarthBorn

    EarthBorn ConVulATiON

    I'm more optimistic on the latest chapter...people said the same thing about NaruSaku after Hinata's confession.

    I think it'll take a while though.
  7. alteredegoX

    alteredegoX Sophi so silleh~

    hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting in here with the length of inactivity

    but anyway, I've just watched the end of the Gaara retrieval arc and have suddenly grown a huge liking towards pairing Naruto and Gaara together :p though I've also always supported HintaXKiba
  8. Shawn Yasumara

    Shawn Yasumara The king of kings

    The Naruto pairing I support the most is easily SakuIno.Being the Shoujo-Ai fan I am,I can't help but see that this pairing makes sense.Close friends,bitter rivals,secret lovers.Makes sense to me.

    And because of something I saw on YouTube,another pairing I support (for some unholy reason) Dosu x Temari.It may make little sense,but IMO,KakaSaku makes less sense.
  9. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    @alteredegoX: The rules for the subforum say that since there's so much inactivity that you can post no matter how long its been inactive, so you're fine. =D

    And since I love Naruto, I'll answer some of these topics!

    What is/are your favorite Naruto ship/s?
    I'll answer this as shadow_shipper did.

    yaoi: KakuHida. This is my overall OTP too. Something about it... *hides her doujinshi collection*
    yuri: Hmmm... I'll have to be boring and say InoSaku.
    het: KakuSaku I suppose. Admittedly, my het list is far smaller than the other two.
    crackYaoi : MadaHida. Oh man, don't ask cause I'm not sure either. XD I'm blaming the fact that they're my two fave characters.
    crackYuri: None of the yuri I like is all that cracky... KariHina I guess. That's kinda cracky.
    crackHet: KisaSaku. The only AkatsukixSakura pair I like. I'm honestly not sure why I like it, I just do.

    What Naruto parings do you support?
    Well, all of the above of course. I ship the heck outta Akatsuki and Hebi/Taka. Some of my other personal fave ships include KisaIta, SasoDei, SuiSasu, SaiNaru, LeeGaa, KanKiba, OroKabu...MadaraxAnyone he wants... Haha, yeah I'm into yaoi if you couldn't tell. Characters being dead doesn't stop me from shipping them either. Of course, the manga just keeps showing us that death is never permanent in this fandom.

    Ino ships
    All ladies here. Sakura, Hinata, and Karin. Though, I like InoSaku the most so I don't think to ship her with others all that often.
  10. Eevee248

    Eevee248 Blackn'White obvious

    Let's see... First of all:

    What Naruto parings do you support?

    I luv it. I don't think it's onesided, at least, not in season 1. I am armed with proofs! I find it real cute how in one of those recent chapters, (lawl XD) Sakura couldn't bring herself to kill him. Which means, well, she still luvs him. Let's face it. That sounded cheesy... -.- *Hides all doujinshis she watched in secret*

    Gosh. Hinata luvs him. SHE CONFESSED!!! *fangirl scream* And then.... Pein practically kills her. BAM! 8 tails. Isn't that just ADORABLE? It's cute how she's stayed loyal all these years... lawl. It's sweet how she encouraged Naruto before the final round of the chuunin exams an' all, too. Naruto was really sweet during the second round an' all too... Or wait! That wasn't exactly the second round, was it? -.-

    I won't go into this.

    Over the last few months, this was fighting with SasuSaku. I don't know exactly how that worked out, but... I'm in luv with SasuSaku... -.-

    TenTen likes Lee! Lawl... XD I think that they are REALLY cute together... Lee just needs to see that.

    What is/are your favorite Naruto ship/s?

    All of the above, of course! XD
  11. ⊱✿RedAshEntropy

    ⊱✿RedAshEntropy · MultiShipper ·

    What is/are your favorite Naruto ship/s?


    I like the very cute and those moments they been together,
    and with those Hints that they really have the chemistry and they seems to care for each other,that time I think that this ship is about near canon..(but I think, not quite for Shippuden)


    From the very start,I'm a big fan of this ship,since Hinata confesses,I hope Naruto would feel the same way she feels,(specially the Shipudden episode : ''Confession'' came,that was a huge HINT!!i think..)
  12. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    What is/are your favorite Naruto ship/s?

    I support a couple, but I don't know the official names so I'll just use their character names were I can.

    Naruto/Sasuke: I ship this one but only during certain times when I'm feeling slightly creative. I think it's one of the most hated pairings I've seen, but that's because people hate creativity. I think Naruto and Sasuke both have qualities that balance the other out. Naruto is adventurous and funny while Sasuke is fixed and stable and calm. I think there have been some hints in the series that one could cite as being romantic, but I don't want to spoil the recent events in the story lol.

    Naruto/Hinata: I ship this one when I want to be more realistic and when I feel like following the story more closely. Naruto and Hinata are my favorite characters in the Naruto series. I think Hinata's shyness and devotion complements Naruto's impulsiveness and his overall qualities. I think they could really work as a couple in the series, and I love how Hinata admires Naruto because he's such an icon for good, honest, hardwork. I think they might be the cutest shipping pair around :3
  13. CafeMocha_Negaishipper

    CafeMocha_Negaishipper the silent one

    What is/are your favorite Naruto ship/s?

    there are so many

    naruhina-it's cute

    narusaku- i like sakura

    sasunaru- basically because sasuke is the only one naruto seems to care about at this time

    shikasaku- 2 genius that are cute together

    shikahina- godparents so can be couple (technically)

    sasuhina-because if narusaku happens hinata and sasuke need someone too

    kibahina-friendship is just too strong to not be paried
  14. Love in a Mist

    Love in a Mist Mostly Harmless

    I haven't been into Naruto in ages, but I still love Pein/Konan so much... It'll always be one of my OTPs~
    I'm also a big Shikamaru/Temari shipper, and to this day I'm still torn between Neji/Tenten & Neji/Hinata... Hmm. :T
  15. hyperlucario

    hyperlucario lord off hyperness

    i prefer the Naruto X Tsunade pairing odd? yes but i have my reasons
  16. sun hearts

    sun hearts Sun catcher

    What is/are your favorite Naruto ship/s?

    well i would have to say Kiba/hinata they are just cute sweet and tender
    can tame a wild guy like kiba i just think they are awesome together
    i just can help it:) even if it crack i think it possible
    Hope you don't mind if i share a picture
    this why i love them *blush*
  17. gliscor&yanmega

    gliscor&yanmega Well-Known Member

    Support (In no order, beside the first three):
    Zetsu and me: Would this count? :p. Honestly if he was real I would want to be with him.

    Asuma and me: Another guy I would want to be with, although Zetsu a lot more.

    Zetsu and Asuma: Just have all three of us together in a love triangle or something.

    Naruto and Sasuke: Naruto is obviously in love with Sasuke and Sasuke is just too afraid to admit the same.

    Shino and Kiba: Perfect couple.

    Izumo and Kotetsu: More obvious then Naruto and Sasuke.

    Konan and Yahiko: Pretty much happened.

    Nagato and Itachi: Made for each other.

    Shikamaru and Temari: They work.

    Ino and Sai: They'd be nice together.

    Orochimaru and Jiraiya: Pretty much Naruto and Sasuke just 40 years older.

    Maybe more.

    Favorite (In no order, beside the first three):

    Look above.
  18. Satoshi's girl

    Satoshi's girl Cafemocha <3

    ^^ i like naruto x Sasuke, naruto x sakura, naruto, hinata <333 all so cute 8D please Ino / Sai ;D oh and kakashi x sakura :) all awsome shippings
  19. I support quite a few Naruto pairings. The ones I like most will have an asterisk next to them.

    Naruto/Sasuke * (One of my OTPs. I adore it.)
    Gaara/Ino *
    Shikamaru/Temari *
    Deidara/Itachi *

    Those are just the ones that come to mind right now. Since there are so many, I'm not going to give a reason as to why I like each one unless I'm asked, haha. One of the reasons I like Naruto so much is all of the couple possibilities. =D
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2011
  20. Allio

    Allio TheManlyTrainer

    What Naruto parings do you support?

    Mizunata (Hinata X Mizukage)

    me likey the crack
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