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Naruto Shipp?den: Narutimate Accel


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Naruto Shippūden: Narutimate Accel

The next installment in the Narultimate Hero(Ultimate Ninja)Series was shown in the weekly shonen jump #52,this game will be for the PS2 and the characters revealed to us so far are Naruto,Sakura,Kakashi,and Deidara,Iam looking forward to this one,how about you guys?


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Maybe,I wonder if you can play as 1TK,2TK,3TK,and the infamous 4TK Naruto,I wonder what ougis will be put into the game also

zonic the hedgehog

Deidara in sweet, sweet 3D... @_@

I'm definitely going to be importing (the PS2 Naruto Shippuden game, though I may import the Wii one *which is actually a different game*) without any second thoughts. :D

Hey, is there any reason why play-asia lists Accel to be in stock in Q1 2009? It's not going to take THAT long to be released... is it? o_O
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