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NARUTO: The anime or The manga.


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I had an argument with a couple of friends the other day, although seemingly pointless, we argued what was better the Naruto anime or the manga (this includes shippuden)
Personally I prefer the anime, but that is most likely because I began watching the anime before i discovered the manga and now i don't want to read the manga (which is miles ahead by the way :l ..) in case of major spoilers that will ruin my anime viewing.
Then again I could defiantly argue that the anime is full of pointless filler episodes that seem to last for ages whilst the manga cruises happily through the story line...
Anyhow I was just wondering what your thoughts were guys.
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They're both crap. Naruto the underdog, the one who said he'd fight against destiny, has now become the chosen one, the focus is mainly on Sasuke being unable to decide who he's going to kill, and they're trying to force a message of peace down our throats.

On the other hand, the English dub is good and I will hear no argument.


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I like both but I like the anime better because the anime gives some stuff clearer that the manga doesnt like what happened to the three tails and other stuff.


Every one has its good points, I like the anime better because the action is animated duuh! And the manga is better, because it has more fun things, no fillers and you get to know the story before the anime reaches that point ^^

But I choose to watch the anime, it's much more fun! =D


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Both are well done, but I have to go with the anime. It's more exciting and it has Orochimaru's voice.


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For some reason the anime has had some downright terrible animation lately, and we all know how hilariously bad the manga has been the past couple weeks. Like Pain arc bad.

It's a toss up.


I dislike the second anime. Probably because of all the filler arcs. The first anime had few fillers in the main story. All the major fillers where between part 1 and part 2.


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Neither are paticullary good.

Both need moar Gai, Lee and Shikamaru, Naruto needs to go back to being the underdog that the villigers shun and is willing to prove his worth instead of friggen Crystal Dragon Jesus like he is now. Sasuke needs to stop being the Godmode Gary Stu he is and actually needs to have flaws and some character development. There needs to be more favorable treating of the Crime Sydication (I mean, Deidara pulls a Suicide Bombing in which the explosion has a 40 mile radius to kill Sasuke who was well in that radius and Sasuke was *Magically* unnfected. Shikamaru gained Gary Stu Powas out of nowhere to defeat Hidan etc.) Kishi should STOP giving everyone a case of I got better (Someone dies, then they get revived. STOP IT)

Also somethings in both now make no goddamn sence whatsoever. For example, it was clearly stated in both that the side effects of Naruto using the Fox power to go [Insert number 1-8 here] tails has deadly side effects of life expectancy dropping and having significant bodily harm as seen with the after effects from the Four Tails form. When he went to SIX Tails then to EIGHT Tails form (which would of nearly killed him and atleast be stuck at an infirmary for months) he come outs fully concious in SUPER ULTRA GODMODE CRYSTAL DRAGON JESUS DELUX mode.

The best thing in the who series is the "Sake of life" filler episode.
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The correct answer is that there are far more better series out there than this.


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The correct answer is that there are far more better series out there than this.

True that.

But Narutards think it's the best thing since sliced bread. Which is sad.


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What is this I don't even...

I noticed that he has a Sharingan...

The anime is terrible, many will agree. But you should read the manga, it is still somewhat decent.

Laughably decent maybe. I can't even take it seriously anymore.


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I prefer Manga to Anime. That's for series. Don't get me wrong, I still love Anime but I just have a personal preference for Manga. x]


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Naruto is pretty decent all around...as far as story goes I prefer manga, but I do like to watch the battle-centric anime episodes.


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Naruto for me now is nothing more than a guilty pleasure. So bad, it's good.