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Nator's "Banner, Trainer Card, Userbar, Fusion, and lots more!" Shop

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i need a fusion

2 Pokemons:Turtwig, Treecko
Base Pokemon: Treecko
sorry dude i was just wondering if someone could make that fusion for me


um, and stuff
User Bar
Pokemon(s)/Character(s): Lance(FR/LG), Pheobe (R/S/E), Steven (R/S/E), Shirona (D/P)
Text: E4 Tournement
Lines: Suprise me
3D-Like Appearance: (Off)

Pokemon: Biddaru and Bidoof
Color(s): Like the Canadain flag
Sorry for the trouble but..


«My Bishounen«
Recolor it is!


820 eggs so far
It says the shop is open on the front page, so here i go

Pokemon(s)/Character(s): Shiny moltres, shiny butterfree, shiny omastar, shiny clefable
Text: Hunting
Lines: (On/Off) On please
3D-Like Appearance: (On/Off) on again please

Hope i filled this in right, otherwise i'll feel stupid.


«My Bishounen«
Oke, wait.


um, and stuff
Can you update my user bar.

Same: Hikozaru, Charmander
Takeout: Magnimite, Voltorb, Glion
New: Moltres, Anorith, Abra


Well-Known Member
id like a recolor

color:make the green on him turn black


«My Bishounen«
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«My Bishounen«
Ha, thx^_^
Friends of ~SB~ get a special one B-]
- No request limit
- Best of work
- Full comprehension
- Any other request, just name it and I may do it.
Such as, a position.
- All friends of ~SB~ are friends of mine.
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