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Naturage Drawing!


Boulder Trainer
"Jackoman",a user from DA did a drawing of My Grass/Ghost Pokemon Naturage!! WOOT!!

In Case u dont remember,this is Naturage:

So,I colored it!

here are the Results:

Here I added the main colors:

And here are my Final results!:

The original:

A "Darker" Version:

Yeahhh!! I love it! This goes as Wallpaper Right now!! ^^


wow. the artwork is really incredible.

the only thing i can really crit on, is in the last two. when you colored it, the drawing seemed to lose some of the fine details in the shadow. maybe a brighter background could fix that, but it's not really a big deal.

great work. can't wait to see more.


Intersting design. Looks like Cell from the DBZ series, but other than that, it's well done.
I assume that by its name it was intended to be a fakemon?