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Arena Tycoon Slaking

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What are some natures you find fit pokemon perfectly i'm not meaning statwise but fits their personality a good example would be:

Relaxed natured Snorlax

Go ahead and point out some natures you think fit pokemons personality

Evanji Axu

Rash Typhlosion

I always thought of them as an energetic, fiery-tempered lot of workaholics. Course, Kazi-chan is a big lazy slib.


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Serious Mewtwo, Calm Abra and Modest Ralts seem realistic to me...

I find it funny when Pokemon have natures that completely contradict the typical personality for the Pokemon. Like how my friend had a Jolly Mewtwo...


Naive charizard

Charizards totally need to get some brains, look at ashes for christs sake!


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Modest Kingdra

Because she would most likely be sophisticated and with great power comes great resbonsibility <---spider man Lol. But with that kind of power why show off outside of battle? right?!


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Brave Treecko
Hasty Jolteon
Impish Nuzleaf
Timid Natu
Hardy Blaziken
Hasty Linoone
Adamant Scyther
Impish Sableye(errr... I didn't steal that from Neopolis' comics... really...)

That's all I can think of for now.

;136; Dude


Back I guess??
(iirc Whismurs are meant to be quiet. ignore me if im wrong).
Yes, you´re right, but when it evolves...

Here are my ideas:

Lonely Cubone or any other legendary.
Dex for Cubone and every legendary are alone

Timid Sudowoodo.
It hidens everytime!

Relaxed Slaking.
Another example other than Snorlax.

Careful Altaria.
It cleans everything it sees... makes sense.

Hardy Torkoal or Aggron or Steelix, or any other tough skin Pokémon.

Naughty... Charizard?

Calm Politoed :p

Jolly Ludicolo

Impish Pichu, Togepi, Wynaut... baby Pokémon.

Hasty Jolteon :D

Gentle Xatu

Quiet Noctowl

Modest... Scyther?

Serious Mewtwo.

Brave Mightyena.

Those are all natures I can think now.


Josh trainer
Jolly Ludicolo, thats for sure
Adamant Groudon, seems to fit it
Quiet Whismur - What do you think?!
Serious Mewtwo - Yep!
Naive Charizard, poor naive thing
Lonely Absol
Lonely Wobbufet
Jolly Totodile, Just look at it!


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Retarded Ludicolo. Oh wait, retarded is not a nature? How silly of me... >)

Anyways, naughty Sneasel and Misdreavus, cause of their liking for stealing Pidgey eggs and eating them (( Sneasel )) or playing tricks in the night (( Misdreavus )).


Back I guess??
Vycksta said:
Retarded Ludicolo. Oh wait, retarded is not a nature? How silly of me... >)
Lol. No, lol isn´t enough: Lol³!

I think that every Psychic Pokémon are or Mild or Calm.
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