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Navu's Gargantuan Trade List


God of Thunder
Navu's Gargantuan Trade List -- Over 100 Shining Pokemon!

I've got a bunch of Pokemon that were either hatched at level one, EV-Trained to the levels they are, or traded for. Or, they were given at that level (mainly, the 10 ANIV ones). So you know, I do clone almost every Pokemon on this list. Also, I DO NOT WANT LEGENDARIES AT ALL. PERIOD. Here's what I've got (prepare for the long list!):

10 ANIV (All untouched)

-Latios (Adamant)
-Latias (Calm)
-Celebi (Jolly)
-Articuno (Rash)
-Zapdos (Quiet)
-Moltres (Modest)
-Entei (Jolly)
-Suicune (Modest)
-Raikou (Relaxed)
-Charizard (Naive)

Legendaries + Other Event PKMN

-Shining Suicune (Relaxed, level 64)
-Shining Suicune (Hardy, level 61)
-Shining Raikou (Naughty, level 50)
-Shining Entei (Timid, level 100)
-Shining Lugia (Quiet, level 70, has PKRS)
-Shining Ho-oh (Docile, level 70)
-Shining Groudon (Gentle, level 54)
-Shining Regigigas (Relaxed, level 70)
-Shining Moltres (Jolly, level 50)
-Shining Dialga (Modest, level 100, most likely hacked)
-Shining Latias (Careful, level 50)
-Latios (Modest, level 50)
-Mewtwo (Modest, barely-touched)
-Mewtwo (Jolly, level 100)
-MYSTRY Mew (Untouched)
-WISHMKR Jirachi (Timid, level 40, had PKRS)
-Kyogre (Modest, level 49, PKRS)
-Raikou (Naive, level 100, PKRS, GTS)
-Suicune (Docile, level 71, had PKRS)
-SPACE C Deoxys (Calm, barely-touched, PKRS)

Shining Pokemon


-Shining Ponyta (Lax, level 13)
-Shining Rapidash x2 (Quirky, level 43; Lonely, level 100)
-Shining Bellsprout (Lonely, level 18)
-Shining Magneton (Mild, level 30)
-Shining Arcanine (Gentle, level 3)
-Shining Farfetch'd (Brave, level 28)
-Shining Shellder (Jolly, level 5)
-Shining Cloyster (Hardy, level 31)
-Shining Dragonite (Adamant, level 100, has Dragon Dance)
-Shining Kangaskhan (Sassy, level 29)
-Shining Ditto (Mild, level 29)
-Shining Gyarados (Serious, level 50)
-Shining Mr.Mime (Lax, level 30)
-Shining Staryu (Hardy, level 1)
-Shining Starmie (Lonely, level 28)
-Shining Poliwhirl (Docile, level 40)
-Shining Charmander (Rash, level 9)
-Shining Charizard (Adamant, level 100, possibly, Dragon Dance)
-Shining Pidgeot (Careful, level 46)
-Shining Nidoqueen (Jolly, level 100, has PKRS)
-Shining Lapras (Calm, level 100)
-Shining Machamp (Rash, level 45)
-Shining Zubat (Calm, level 28)
-Shining Hitmonchan (Hasty, level 20)
-Shining Hitmonlee (Hasty, level 20)
-Shining Scyther (Lonely, level 50)
-Shining Slowbro (Impish, level 47)
-Shining Gengar (Bashful, level 47)
-Shining Eevee (Modest, level 1)
-Shining Vaporeon (Bold, level 5)
-Shining Bulbasaur (Quiet, level 1)
-Shining Kabutops (Naughty, level 100)
-Shining Ninetales (Modest, level 25)
-Shining Aerodactyl (Jolly, level 30)
-Shining Nidoking (Relaxed, level 45)
-Shining Alakazam (Mild, level 46)
-Shining Exeggutor (Modest, level 20)
-Shining Chansey (Brave, level 16)
-Shining Lickitung (Quirky, level 20, has PKRS)
-Shining Tentacruel (Sassy, level 60)


-Shining Larvitar x2 (Adamant, level 5; Careful, level 6)
-Shining Pupitar (Mild, level 36, has PKRS)
-Shining Tyranitar (Hardy, level 80)
-Shining Espeon (Timid, level 75)
-Shining Kingdra (Modest, level 45)
-Shining Pineco x2 (Timid, level 5; Impish, level 12)
-Shining Shuckle (Sassy, level 100)
-Shining Miltank (Modest, level 16)
-Shining Umbreon (Bold, level 100, Wish + Baton Pass)
-Shining Yanma (Bold, level 18)
-Shining Dunsparce (Brave, level 100)
-Shining Sneasel (Jolly, level 50)
-Shining Steelix x2 (Careful, level 56; Adamant, level 45)
-Shining Snubbull (Naughty, level 19)
-Shining Blissey (Quiet, level 30)
-Shining Phanpy (Sassy, level 5)
-Shining Skarmory (Quiet, level 5)
-Shining Misdreavus (Relaxed, level 5)
-Shining Houndour (Careful, level 54)
-Shining Houndoom (Careful, level 55)
-Shining Elekid (x2--Rash, Serious, both level 1)
-Shining Bellossom (Bashful, level 71)
-Shining Slowking (Careful, level 32)
-Shining Totodile x2 (Adamant, level 5; Hardy, level 5, Ice-Punch + Dragon Dance))
-Shining Feraligatr (Bashful, level 35)
-Shining Tyrogue (Hasty, level 13)
-Shining Girafarig (Brave, level 27)
-Shining Quagsire (Bold, level 50)
-Shining Hoppip (Careful, level 12)
-Shining Delibird (Impish, level 32)
-Shining Chinchou (Naughty, level 21)
-Shining Teddiursa (Timid, level 34)
-Shining Chikorita (Modest, level 5)
-Shining Murkrow (Bashful, level 1)
-Shining Heracross (Careful, level 40)
-Shining Scizor (Mild, level 100)
-Shining Ampharos (Modest, level 38)
-Shining Smeargle (Quiet, level 40)


-Shining Torchic (Modest, level 5)
-Shining Sceptile (Modest, level 100)
-Shining Zangoose (Timid, level 100)
-Shining Seviper (Quiet, level 100)
-Shining Skitty (Docile, level 6)
-Shining Ralts (Brave, level 1, MALE)
-Shining Gardevoir (Rash, level 35)
-Shining Absol (Adamant, level 100)
-Shining Salamence (Adamant, level 100, had PKRS)
-Shining Duskull (Quiet, level 28)
-Shining Dusclops (Naughty, level 60)
-Shining Manectric (Bashful, level 100)
-Shining Nosepass (Sassy, level 14)
-Shining Metagross (Rash, level 65)
-Shining Luvdisc (Sassy, level 24)
-Shining Cacturne (Hasty, level 54)
-Shining Swablu (Relaxed, level 16)
-Shining Altaria (Jolly, level 97)
-Shining Ludicolo (Brave, level 50)
-Shining Blaziken (Naughty, level 100)
-Shining Hariyama (Brave, level 24)
-Shining Ninjask (Brave, level 20)
-Shining Swampert (Gentle, level 50)
-Shining Milotic (Modest, level 20)
-Shining Meditite (Brave, level 28)
-Shining Slakoth (Brave, level 10)
-Shining Flygon (Quiet, level 45)
-Shining Nosepass (Sassy, level 14)
-Shining Anorith (Careful, level 20)
-Shining Metagross (Rash, level 65)
-Shining Luvdisc (Sassy, level 24)


-Shining Gible (Jolly, level 1)
-Shining Magnezone (Mild, level 31)
-Shining Magmortar (Brave, level 57)
-Shining Weavile (Jolly, level 50)
-Shining Buizel (Jolly, level 11)
-Shining Floatzel (Bashful, level 30)
-Shining Riolu (Adamant, level 1)
-Shining Lucario (Adamant, level 37)
-Shining Gallade (Sassy, level 100)
-Shining Mismagius (Modest, level 11)
-Shining Porygon-Z (Lax, level 18)
-Shining Electivire x2 (Adamant, level 68, had PKRS, has Ice Punch and Cross Chop; Bashful, level 33)
-Shining Chimchar (Lax, level 1)
-Shining Dusknoir (Quiet, level 37)
-Shining Hippowdon (Careful, level 54)
-Shining Gliscor (Quirky, level 22)
-Shining Gastrodon (Quirky, level 42)
-Shining Rotom (Adamant, level 3)
-Shining Munchlax (Timid, level 7)
-Shining Mime Jr. (Modest, level 18)
-Shining Bonsly (Hasty, level 16)
-Shining Luxray (Docile, level 34)
-Shining Empoleon (Modest, level 37)
-Shining Budew (Hardy, level 12)
-Shining Roserade (Mild, level 100)
-Shining Torterra (Modest, level 37)
-Shining Kricketot (Calm, level 3)
-Shining Spiritomb (Hasty, level 1)
-Shining Burmy (Serious, level 11)
-Shining Togekiss (Relaxed, level 100)
-Shining Cranidos (Sassy, level 20)
-Shining Shieldon (Gentle, level 20)
-Shining Starly (Careful, level 2)
-Shining Buneary (Modest, level 10)

Vague Wants:

-Shining Kanto Pokemon
-Shining Johto Pokemon
-EV-Trained Pokemon


-Impish / Careful Shining Dusknoir with Pain Split
-Adamant / Jolly Shining Arcanine
-Impish / Careful Shining Cloyster
-Modest / Timid Shining Starmie
-Calm Shining Tentacruel with Confuse Ray

And lastly, if you want to make an offer, POST HERE. I'm tired of waking up to find five or ten PM's waiting for me, and all of 'em being, "trade plx." All PM's of this manner will be ignored completely. Also, please, only make FAIR offers. I'm tired of these "lols, i'll trade you my common pokemans for your rare 1!!" Almost all the time, they will be ignored.
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Well-Known Member
would you trade a shiny macargo or shiny umbreon for your shiny lucario?


God of Thunder
mastermew - What are the natures for your Magcargo and Umbreon?

Lucario - No I don't. The closest I have to that is a shining Metagross.

Lucario 1

seeking shinies
ok thanks anyway. are there any other pokemon you want for a shiny slakoth? I have shiny tentacool, but i also have other things you might want


Well-Known Member


My 1st shiny ever
i have a shiny riolu sassy nature lv 1

i don't have wifi right now, though. but i'd like that gible


God of Thunder
Lucario - Well, the Pokemon listed are my main targets right now. However, you can offer whatever you want, seeing as though I'm missing a bunch of Pokemon. Dealing with your Tentacool, I've no need for one, as I have a Shining Tentacruel.

Mastermew - Lemme think about it.

Watermaniac - No thanks, I've already got one.


New Member
I have a shiny onix and I can give it metal coat so it will evolve when we trade what can I get for it?


Mysterious Spriter
Your shiny level 100 Rapidash for my shiny level 100 Nidoking?


God of Thunder
Home-Slice, just tell me what you're interested in and we'll go from there.

XBlaze - I've already got a shining Nidoking.


Well-Known Member
just a question but, DANGGG!!! how did you get that many shinies? the most i have ever had was on my old emerald i had 36, but that doesnt even compare with this..


God of Thunder
Lucario - I never liked filling my Pokedex--it's too much of a hassle.

mastermew - Since I know how to clone, my list never shrinks. I've traded over 300 times (most trades were done from this forum as well as another).

acerunner - No thanks.


New Member
is dragonnite legit?


New Member
how about your ralts is it legit?


King of Bugs
I see you already have a shiney Tentacruel... would you be interested in the lvl. 100 version with max Sp. Defense?