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Need Help Choosing my Team :D

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by SpencerCoronado, Jun 19, 2014.

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  1. SpencerCoronado

    SpencerCoronado New Member

    I've just defeated Koga (6th gym leader) in Pokemon Leaf Green. I am coming to the point where I want to finalize my team. So far these are my options to pick from (with move sets).

    Nidoking Lv 40
    Horn Attack <-- thinking of replacing with MegaHorn at Lv. 43
    Hyper Beam

    Ninetales Lv 42
    Confuse Ray
    Quick Attack

    Raichu Lv 41
    Quick Attack
    Focus Punch
    Thunder Wave

    Blastoise Lv 40
    Bite (using Blackglasses on him)
    Water Pulse
    (when does he learn hydro pump..?)

    Pidgeotto Lv 29 (Need a flying pokemon.. is it worth training it to a Pidgeot?)
    Quick Attack
    Wing Attack

    Dratini Lv 20 (Can Dragonite learn fly?)
    Thunder Wave

    Bellsprout Lv 26 (need a grass type, right? Nidoking is ground/poison, bell sprout is grass/poison)
    Sleep Powder
    Stun Spore

    Hitmonlee Lv 39 (so far not as useful as I had hoped)
    Rolling Kick
    Mind Reader
    Bulk Up
    Hi Jump Kick

    Please advise me on which pokemon to include in my 6 'general' team and what move sets I should change/etc

    Thanks :)
  2. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Moved your thread to this In-game Rate My Team section.

    At a glance - Quick attack will eventually want to go for Ninetales, maybe for say a TM like Shadow Ball or Psychic. Hyper beam isn't so good as it leave you open for the next turn and you can do more damage with another attack over those two turns. Something like Sludge bomb, but it also learns a lot of other TMs. Pidgeot is fine for ingame, but then most things are given enough training.

    Check the 3rd gen dex the site has.
  3. SpencerCoronado

    SpencerCoronado New Member

    Thank you :)

    My ideal goal right now:

    -ice beam
    -hydro cannon (replace with rain dance?)

    -focus punch
    -double team
    -thunder wave

    -shadow ball
    -sludge bomb

    -outrage (replace with dragon claw?)
    -dragon dance (replace with fly?)
    -aerial ace

    -sunny day
    -confuse ray (replace with grudge?)

    -dream eater
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 26, 2014
  4. Kpotts

    Kpotts Member

    Personally I would use alakazam instead of hypno with psychic, calm mind, thunderbolt, and toxic. However only if u can get alakazam, if not stay with hypno and it's move set. Replace rest on ur blastoise or confuse ray on ur nine tales with toxic. Also get rid of hydro cannon for rain dance because it will power up surf and HC wastes a turn. Only replace dragon dance with fly if u need it and if u do get rid of aerial ace for flamethrower, ice beam or surf because u do not need two flying moves. The rest of ur team is perfect as is.
  5. dresden_88

    dresden_88 Warden

    for dealing with koga, i've found using butterfree with sleep powder and dream eater to have an alarming degree of effectiveness. in general, for an in-game team member, butterfree does a really good job of pulling it's own weight, and you can get dreameater from the move tutor in viridian city as soon as you get access to use HM Cut and travel diglet's cave.

    the moveset i'd recommend for butterfree would be; sleep powder, dream eater, psychic, shadow ball (as a filler). makes for a reliable faux-psychic type with heavy hitting moves. it is also much easier to obtain than some of the other pokemon available only by trading :)

    p.s. sleep powder/dream eater is much more reliable than hypnosis/dreameater. i hope that helps you to make a decision :D
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