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Need Help Evolving My Seadra

Discussion in '7th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by dark_murasame, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. dark_murasame

    dark_murasame OG Trainer

    As the title shows I just need help trade evolving my seadra to a kingdra. Im only making this thread due to lack of response unfortunately. I have things to offer as follows

    I have 2 gold bottle caps
    any megastone you need (willing to trade two)
    2 eviolites
    2 gold bottle caps
    3 dusk stones
    2 dawn stones
    1 shiny stone

    HA torchic
    HA froakie
    HA chimchar
    HA shroomish
    HA gloomy
    HA carvanha
    HA fletchinder

    Im willing to give the HA Pokemon pokerus as a bonus if needed.

    thanks again!
  2. CapybaraMage

    CapybaraMage Novice Shiny Hunter

    Hi, still need help? Do you already have a Dragon Scale for it?
  3. dark_murasame

    dark_murasame OG Trainer

    Yes I do just Send me a message for what you want in exchange.
  4. charizard420

    charizard420 Member

    i can help you man, i also need help evolving my Scyther and kadabra
  5. dark_murasame

    dark_murasame OG Trainer

    check your messages I'm ready when you are

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