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Need Help Evolving Your Pokémon?


Shiny Hunter 4 life
I have two Pokémon that I need help evolving

My Dusclosps and my magmar

Trade completed
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Well-Known Member
I'm looking for someone with a Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, or German game to help me evolve my shiny Japanese Bulbasaur into a Venusaur. I don't want its name to change to English when it evolves, which is why I need someone with a game in another language. I've leveled it up to 30, so you'll just need to add two levels. Since it's a shiny, I'd need you to provide some sort of collateral (like a shiny of equal value) for me to hold on to until we can trade back. I'd also prefer it be someone who has done a lot of trades on this site so I can be more comfortable trusting you to send it back. Please PM me if you'd be willing to help. :)


New Member
Any kind soul can help me to trade evolve back my seadra please? I am online now for the next 4 hours. I have dragon scale. I can offer pokerus, HA froakie, torchic, gible, (A) vulpix.

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New Member

I'm looking to evolve Magmar. Anyone up to lend me a hand?
FC: 0705-8395-7989

Edit: All sorted out
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Sceptile Leaf Blade

Nighttime Guardian
I'm looking for someone to help me evolve my Feebas. I already have the Prism Scale required. PM me if you want to help out, I'll give you a PP Up or Bottle Cap on the trade back for the trouble, and I can also help you evolve trade/stone evolutions.

Edit: I've been helped.
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Le Bagieta

New Member
I need help with evolving Haunter. Can someone help me?
FC: 0791-7306-3930
Edit: I'he been helped. Thanks a lot Malcolm!!!
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Since Red version'98
FC: 5086-1917-7632
Anyone available to help trade-evolve a bunch of pokémon?
Thanks in advance!
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Pirate King
Staff member
I am looking for someone to help me evolve the following Pokemon so I can complete the Melemele PokeDex.

Haunter into Gengar
Kadabra into Alakazam
Clamperl into Huntail (holding the deep sea tooth)
Clamperl into Gorebyss (holding the deep sea scale)
Slowpoke into Slowking (hokding the kings rock)

My FC is 4442-1881-5822. Please help a girl out.

EDIT. Trade completed! Thanks for the help, Lys.
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Pokemon Trainer
Can someone help me evolve my Poliwhirl into Politoed? My FC is 3712 2837 6289.


Wandering Wanderer
Hello everypeoples! I'm trying to evolve a pair of scythers. I've got the items, but I don't have a person to trade with yet!
My FC is 1092-3975-1528

I'd appreciate the help!

EDIT: I've been helped! Thanks!
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