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Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?


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Then you've come to the right place.

Post here if you're looking for help to evolve your Pokemon (like Feebas into Milotic and etc), or whether you're just willing to help out someone evolve their Pokemon.

All Trade Forum and general Serebii Forum Rules apply, and If you try to scam another user you will be blacklisted and I will devote all my attention to making you miserable. So don't even try it =).


Blue Goo.
I want to evolve my Slowpoke into Slowking. PM me please.
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Fire Dragon Slayer
Need help to evolve my Karrablast and shelmet

in order for them to evolve u must also have a karrablast and a shelmet

Karrablast -> Shelmet
Shelmet -> Karrablast

PM Me :)

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I'd love to help people evolve their Pokémon :) Just PM me and hope I'm online at that moment ;) But now I'm going to sleep!


Hey!, As SOON as Someone finds a Houndoomite, I WILL SEND YOU JUST ABOUT ANYTHING.....including a Manectrite! PM me whenever!

Friend Code: 3539-9325-6756


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I'll help with whatever trading needs I can.


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Hai guys. So i'm fairly new to the serebii forums, and i've always been a casual player (beat the game move-on kinda guy and also semi-plays competitively Showdown etc.). Now i've decided to just collect as much as i can. So i would like to request someone who i can constantly trade with (preferably a Pokemon X player), so we can help each other out :) Just PM me or reply on this thread if you're willing. Thanks :D

PS: My friend code is 4957-3266-5535
PPS: Sorry if it's in the wrong topic/thread. Didn't know where i could out this. So please bear with me. Thanks.


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Hello. I could use some help evolving my Scyther, just PM me.

By the way, I will help as well if anyone needs to evolve anything, PM me for that as well. :p
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Hello everybody i was hoping if someone could help me evolve my pumpkaboo. I would very much appreciate it! :)

Btw my friend code is 2578-3252-8465 or you can pm me first if you like
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Man of Mysteries
I will be on for another few hours.
I do trade evolutions! Just send me a request. :)

If you need to, send me a PM on here if I fail to respond.
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I want to evolve my Scyther! I will also be available to help people with trade evolutions pretty much all day tomorrow, as I'm off work. =D

In the process of updating my sig with my info.


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Hi guys im new to forum and i would like to ask for help with evolving my Kadabra, if someone is fancy plz add me my code is 3239-3444-5681 and name is Boban :)


Looking to evolve a Graveler. Can offer some bred Fennekin with 31 IVs in Special Attack, and any other starter.
Send me a message


Someone has to win..
Need help evolving my phantump, and possibly my helioptile. Will offer a pp-up if someone can help me evolve both within the next hour.


Master Trader
Willing to help anyone evolve their pokemon just send me a PM My friend code is 1332-8514-3365