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Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?


New Member
Need help evolving Rhydon pm if you can help

Blood Red Absol

AquaMilotic's Waifu
I have 5 Pokemon that I need to evolve to fill the Pokedex: Magmar, Electibuzz, Poliwhirl, Scyther and Porygon (twice, so it may take a while)
I can offer Pokerus to anyone who is willing to help me :)


New Member
I've been trying to trade my Porygon holding the Up-Grade on the GTS for three days now in exchange for a Porygon2 but no one has bothered to take it and trade for it. Does anyone here have a Porygon2 to trade for my Porygon. After that I need to trade that same Porygon2 for a Porygon-Z. I also have the Dubious Disk I can put on the Porygon2 so the person trading the Porygon-Z will get one back. I only have these two Pokemon left to register before I complete the Alola region Dex.


New Member
I'm also currently wanted to complete my pokedex still got a kingdra, dusknoir, porygon2, porygon-z, aromtisse and slurpuff left. PM me if you're want to trade with me.


New Member
roseradefan sorry I had my boyfriend help me get Porygon 2 and Porygon Z and I've finished the Alolan Pokedex. I don't have Kingdra, Dusknoir, Aromatisse, or Slurpuff. Sorry.


I will help you evolve any pokemon you need, all I want in return is a pokemon with the move happy hour, can be smeargle or whoever you want it to be....please PM me if we can do this.


New Member
Then you've come to the right place.

Post here if you're looking for help to evolve your Pokemon (like Feebas into Milotic and etc), or whether you're just willing to help out someone evolve their Pokemon.

All Trade Forum and general Serebii Forum Rules apply, and If you try to scam another user you will be blacklisted and I will devote all my attention to making you miserable. So don't even try it =).
Hey if it's possible, could you help me evolve my Haunter and Boldore! My friend code is 2466-3171-9532. What you're doing is also amazing, so keep doing what you're doing!


New Member
Hello! New user and a fan of the site. If anyone has the time, could they help me evolve my Slowpoke into a Slowking?
Friend code is: 0018-2924-6488