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Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?


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Hello all! I am in need of someone to trade with in order to evolve my haunter to gengar. Any help would be appreciated! Friend code is: 3454-3823-7956.
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Hello! I am currently 6 Pokémon shy of a full pokedex. I'm having a hard time using the gts to get them. I have all the items needed and am just looking for a buddy to help me trade. I am in need of sloking, scyzor, both porygon, the electabuzz/magmar. If anyone else needs these or is just helpful please let me know!!! This is for sun/moon. I'd be willing to set up with some gen 1 Pokémon. Friend code 4313 - 4899 - 5613


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Hey guys, I just needed a hand in trading my graveler to get a golem for the dex. My fc is 3282-2800-2446. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks. :D


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I am currently looking for the following items (I am working on a complete item collection in Y). Except for the Mulches and Fossils, these are items that are exclusive to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Amaze Mulch
Boost Mulch
Rich Mulch
Surprise Mulch
Damp Mulch
Gooey Mulch
Growth Mulch
Stable Mulch

Regional Full Heal Items:
Rage Candy Bar
Shalour Sable

Jaw Fossil
Sail Fossil

Blue Scarf
Green Scarf
Pink Scarf
Red Scarf
Yellow Scarf

Rarer Items:
Sacred Ash
Soul Dew

In exchange, I can offer one or more of the following:

- Various 20th Anniversary Pokemon (self-obtained, uncloned, and soft-resetted for favorable natures)
- ANY breedable Hidden Ability Pokemon
- Any B.P. item (except for the Ability Capsule)
- Pokedex completion help and/ or evolution assistance
- Various other things

Please feel free to contact me if you have any of these items available for trade, and I would be happy to work something out with you.


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Haven't really played in awhile, kinda took a break as i'm aiming for a complete living dex-haven't started Sun/Moon yet. I'm needing help with a few of the trade evolutions. I need someone to help me trade evolve my Onix, Magmar, Electabuzz, Seadra & Dusclops. If anyone has any spare elemental stones that they don't need would be a plus! I need a shiny stone, a moon stone and 2 sun stones-if not then it's ok lol!
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Hello! I'm a bit new here, but I just wanted to stop by and see if anyone is interested in helping me evolve me Electabuzz and Magmar in Pokemon Moon? If so it'd be greatly appreciated. Friend code is 5284-2568-7002


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If you haven't evolved your Pumpkaboo yet, I'd be happy to help. I'm trying to get evolve my Haunter into a Gengar so this seems like a good plan.

FC 0834-0606-0998


Hey all! Just got back into playing, and i'm trying to evolve a few guys with some tradebacks (Scyther, kadabra, Haunter). Friend code is 1134-9193-9921. Thanks in advance!


Omega Ruby Base on Route 118, Right Side Beach


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I'm looking to evolve my Haunter from my playthrough team. My FC is 3496-9535-6683- please message if you're willing to help out. I'm usually available in the evenings, like 7pm to 12, US central time.

I've also got games from gen IV to VII, so I might be able to help out with something in a different game if you need it.

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Revolver Furious Dragon

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Hello there I am looking for help evolving my scyther.

Friend code 2380-3667-8722

Many thanks in advance