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Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?


Pokemon Breeder
This isn't evolving per say, but I wasn't sure where else to ask. x: Is there anyone with a non-English language game who'd be willing to hatch an egg for me (just a few steps to go) and trade it back?
Please PM if you've got a moment to help me out. c: My FC is 0087-3709-1794
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would anyone be kind enough to help me evolve my kadabra :) pm me if you can help


The BEST! (I wish.)
EDIT: Thank you Otamon for your help, and again, I hope you enjoy your new Magmortar. ^^

That said, if anyone else wants/needs help evolving a Pokemon via Trading, feel free to ask me for help. I'm always willing to help out however I can. ^^
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Casual Trainer
Edit: completed. Thanks ThomasCro.
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New Member
Need help evolving

Karrablast, Shelmet, Poliwhirl and Scyther.

FC: 0791-2451-0815
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New Member
Help with scyzor

Hi everyone i nid help with evolving my scyther, ive tried with others and unfortunately no one was willing to help... Heres my fc 1736-0046-0171 jay


Pokemon Lord
need help evolving scyther. will be online for the next hour or so. pm me if you need help
Hi. I need help evolving my Phantump into Trevenant. Can anyone help? Thanks :)


Shiny Hunter
Need help evolving pm me if you can please.


Leader of the Dark
I'd like to help some people evolve their Pokemon. Just send me a PM if interested. I'm online now.


Cascade Trainer
Hello Everyone,

I need help, not evolving Pokemon, but trading them from one game to the other. Can I trust to trade with someone on X so they can trade the pokemon back on Y. Thank you. PM me.