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Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?


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In need of trade evolving 13 of my Pokemon, I will be online for approx 2 hours if you want to help me out.
I will also help you evolve any of your Pokemon that need to be trade evolved too.
PM me if you are able to do so.
Hey im looking to trade some megastones from my x version to y version, if anyone could help me I can help you trade any pokes you need to evolve or trde items over etc. PM me Pls.
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Pokemon Coordinator
I'm looking to evolve my Gurdurr, if anyone wanted to spare the time. FC is in sig. PM me. Thanks. :)

Edit: Completed! Thanks so much Roosevelt!
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Trade done, big thanks to MeteorRider!
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Can someone help me evolve my Haunter? PM me (name your price). FC in sig. Thanks!


I need help in evolving my Kadabra and Haunter, my FC is at the bottomest part of my sig, can help evolve anyone else's pokemon in return.

Edit: Trade completed.
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Trade complete.
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I have a karrablast that needs evolving...

I also have the shelmet necessary to evolve it, in case you don't have shelmet yourself, so no worries about failing to trigger karrablast's evolution because of the absence of a shelmet in terms of pokemon involved in the individual trade... :)

I can trade you a fully-EV-trained adamant tyranitar, a fully-EV-trained timid noivern, and maybe a pp up or two... I can even help you evolve your pokemon by trading the resulting accelgor to you(if you want to evolve your pokemon too) for your trade-evolve-able pokemon. I'll do what I can to meet your evolution wants...

pm/vm me regarding the above and/or other possible offers...

edit: Above completed yesterday. Thanks, my sister, who may be around in some forum group within the pokemon fandom, although I don't know if she is an sppf member or not...
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Greg I'm pm'ed you I need my Haunter evolving :)

FC: 4441-9848-8754


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Need help with my seadra. I can also help anyone with theirs as well. Friend code below.


Trade complete!
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Nothing much...
I need a little help evolving a few pokemon-

Here are my requests-

Feebas ---> Milotic
Porygon ---> Porygon2
And again, Porygon2 ---> PorygonZ

I'll pay the expenses for the Upgrade and Dubious Disc. I'll tip ya with a HA Froakie/ Fletchindier/ Qualladin/ Ivysaur or others, your choice.


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Need help evolving kadabra