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Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?


New Member

I have 3 haunters that need to evolve. Could anyone please help?


I Pink Elephant

Shiny Hunter
Could anyone help me evolve my Magmar? :)
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Well-Known Member
I still my haunter doing, I've private messaged you RSPM because you're online at this time of posting I'll be available all night tonight people drop me a pm if available?


New Member
Need help evolving a few pokes, willing to help out others. PM!


Pokemon Breeder
I got the help I needed.
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New Member
Hey I'm looking for help to trade/evolve a couple pokes.
PM me if you'd be willing to help out :)
I'm willing to help you out if i can as well.


New Member
Hi, I need help evolving a Haunter. I'd be willing to help anyone else evolving their pokemon also.


Well-Known Member
Looking for a swirlix to trade for my spritzee with held items, then trade back once both are evolved so both parties get all the dex entries. PM if you're interested.