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Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?

Dual Matrix

New Member
I really need help evolving my shiny Poliwirl to Politoad, I have the Kings Rock ready, and only need a trade partner. As thanks I can offer you a wide range of pokémon out of my collection.

I worked really hard finding the little Poliwag, please don't scam and take it away from me.

Please PM if you wan't to help,

Thanks beforehand!

Edit: OK its being traded.
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New Member

I need help evolving my Feebas into Milotic!

Please send PM!

Friendcode: 2552-2394-5176
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Mage of Void
I need help evolving my Seadra and Clamperl.
Help would be much appreciated.

FC is in my signature.

Edit: Complete
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Need help to evolve my Scyther into Scizor. Will help other people evolve their pokemon. FC: 4313-0506-6157

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New Member
I really need help evolving my Haunter into Gengar. If anyone would help me trade it, and then trade the evolved Gengar back to me, I would really appreciate it.

My friend code is: 0834 2642 3310

Best regards, Idef1x!


Well-Known Member
I need help trading a few of my Pokemons. Like Scyther. FC is 0705 4182 3961.

More than willing to help other people who needs their Pokemons evolved so feel free to add me and send a PM.

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New Member
Got all my current trades, thanks everyone.

If anyone needs some trades and has any of these pokemon, hit me up by PM and we'll figure out a time/date:
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The Uncultured One
Need to evolve a Pumpkaboo, PM me if you can help.
EDIT: Completed.
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I need help in evolving my Shelmet and Karrablast, I'll help anyone as well.


Well-Known Member
Hi, need help evolving my Scyther via trade PM me pls

EDIT: Resolved
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New Member
Hey i really need some help with evolving my Seadra to a Kingdra.

Please PM me if you are willing to help me.

Friend code: 1134-8329-4484
Name: Michael

Please pm me if you are willing to help me

EDIT: Done!
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Johto Boy

Elite Four Champion
Hi, looking for someone to help me out evolving my Onix. Please PM me for a trade, thanks.

EDIT: Done!
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