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Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?


Well-Known Member
I need some serious help trading 14 pokemon over from my y to my x with multiple held items that I need. Can anyone help me out? I would be ever so grateful


Unify To Thrive
hi I'd really appreciate if someone could help me evolve my shiny scyther. took me 6 weeks to breed it dear god. I'll happily trade whoever assists me a giratina or lugia (nicknamed pickle, got it from GTA) of your choice. just pm me your friend code and your choice of legendary.

Edit: DONE :)
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Celebi Clone
Trying to evolve my Electabuzz, anyone willing to help me out?


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Would someone please help me to evolve my haunter? I will give you a comet shard in return.
FC: 0259 0401 0443

Edit: Done, thank you!
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I need help evolving my Feebas and Slowpoke into their respective Pokés. I can help anybody evolve whatever they wish in return. Thanks :)

trade completed :)
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Master Trader
I need help evolveing my Swirlix and spritzee please pm me with your code if you can help thanks.


Well-Known Member
Okay guys I'm free all today, I have a graveller to evolve but will help anyone (free of charge :p) only joking I'd never charge, all day.

Just pm me I have email notifications so will likely not take long to reply.

I'm GMT +0 time zone by the way and free until roughly 10PM
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Not-So Normal Type
need to evolve phantump. can i get some help plz? pm me

got it done ty
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need help evolving my Scyther.
Willing to help with other trade evos or offer a 4-5 IV Gible, Mareep, Noibat, Honedge, or Larvesta, among many others.
PM me:)

Edit: Done
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New Member
Need help evolving my Gurdurr. Appreciate any help with this and am willing to help evolve another Pokemon in return :)


Well-Known Member
I need help evolving the following pokemon for my Kalos dex:

Haunter (shiny..)

I'm willing to help your pokemon evolve aswell :)

Done! :) ty ty
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Blue Cobra

Bug Trainer
I need help evolving my Karrablast :) I can help evolving your Pokémon in return if you like :) PM me if interested ;)
Hey guys. Need a Scyther and Poliwhirl evolved, would really appreciate if someone were to help me with it.
If anyone will, drop me a little vm and of course i'll help you with all your evolving needs too!
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I need help to evolve my Rhydon for pokedex completion. Please pm me if you would be willing to help with the trade back. Thanks :D

Edit : Of course, if you need anything evolved on your side too, I will help out.

Edit2 : Done ! thanks mega ninja !!!
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Crash & Charm

Back I guess
Wiling and love to help Just pm or vm me and I will do it. All I need is one of your extras for the loto Id
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