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Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?


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I need help evolving my Seadra.
Just need a quick back and forth trade. Willing to help another!

PM me!

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I need help evolving my Seadra into A Kingdra, But.... I don't have a dragon scale, I don't have anything good to offer other than what is found in X version. If someone has extra dragon scales and is willing to help me out though I would be very appreciative. :) Thank you.
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Need help evolving my poliwhirl to politoad. Info is in sig if you can help.


Since Red version'98
I have tons of trade-evo to make. If you see me online on the forum just PM me: I evolve your Poké, you evolve mine, everybody wins!
Hey there,

I'm in need of two quick trade evolutions, a Feebas and a Phantump. Any help is appreciated, thanks.


formerly R. New
I'm in need of help evolving my Haunter, either a quick back and forth trade out of the goodness of your heart or you can evolve something of yours at the same time. PM me and we can trade friend codes :)

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Looking for someone to help trade my Trevenant (holding a Mewtonite) from my X to my Y game. In return, I can help you with evolving your pokemon. :)


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Looking for help evolving my shiny Poliwhirl into a Politoed any help would be greatly appreciated I could also help you evolve any of your pokemon.

FC: 1676-4172-4045


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Need help evolving my Swirlix. PM me if you're willing to help
FC: 1134-8329-4484

Edit: Done! I can help others evolve though, so just toss me a pm
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Need help evolving my porygon into a porygon2

FC in signature

EDIT: done. Thank you RzK
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Need a trustworthy person to help me evolve my shiny electabuzz. I don't have an electrizer so I'll need to trade it, have it given to it and traded back. I can offer another shiny, Ha pkmn, IV pkmn or items in return. Pm if your interested.

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Hi i need help evolving my spritzee swirlix and kadabra, PM me if your interested.
Done it now thank you lys
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Meowth City

Staff member
If anyone needs help evolving their Pokemon, feel free to drop me a PM. I don't need anything in return.

For item-induced evolutions, please provide the correct item onto the Pokemon prior to trade. Or at least, let me know if you don't have the required item, so I can provide one for you... but only if I have a spare.


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Hi everyone!
I'd like some help evolving both a Spritzee and a Swirlix, as they are the last two I need to evolve to complete the Central Kalos dex.
I might need some more help later on with other parts of the dex but those two are the only ones I need help with right now.
Please PM me if you can help, it will be greatly appreciated!

Edit - Done! Thank you! :)
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Looking for some one to help me evolve ANOTHER kadabra because the last one didn't have Magic Bounce, haha. Much appreciated. FC: 0259-0395-9306

EDIT: Trade complete.
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Active Member
Need some help evolving 5 Pokemon,

My fc is 0018-2325-8913

Pm if you can. Thanks


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I would really appreciate it if someone would help me evolve my feebas and haunter.
I would in return help you evolve your own pokemon as well! Msg me asap!


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Need help evolving my Kadabra and Spritzee!

FC: 4253-4728-1718

Shoot me a pm and we'll set this up ASAP.:)