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Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?


New Member
trade done! thanks to everyone who responded and joshua for helping me out :)

if anyone needs any help in the future PM me.

Thanks guys!

Pokemon X code: 1993 - 9129 - 6024
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formerly R. New
Need help with evolving my Haunter, either we can just do a back and forth trade or you can evolve something of yours at the same time. PM me and we can trade FCs :D

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New Member
need help evolving 5 pokes

Id be more than happy to help yours too! I need to evolve my slowpoke, seadra, kadabra, scyther, and machop.
This help is much appreciated so thank you if youre willing to help!

Blue Cobra

Bug Trainer
I need help to evolve my Gurdurr into Conkeldurr.

If you need to evolve a Pokémon by Trading, I will be happy to help you too :)

EDIT: Trade done! :D
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New Member
I've just began preparing my battle team and for my purposes I need a Kingdra. Anyone willing to trade my Seadra right back? I have the Dragon Scale attached. 2638-1911-8032 is my friend code.


New Member
hi all, i am new to pokemon x
and i need help to trade pokemon y exclusive pokemon
can anyone help me trade any pokemon y only pokemon to me?

Venusaur Master

Could really use some help evolving my Onix if anyone is free?

EDIT: Trade completed
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Well-Known Member
Hello, been awhile Since i post at all,

Need help in trading my Karrablast and Haunter to evolve them

EDDIT: all done now.
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New Member
I'd like to evolve my Gurdurr, Pumpkaboo, Onix, Clamperl, and Rhydon - PM me if you'd like to help out with some/all of these!
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Meowth City

Staff member
If anyone needs help evolving their Pokemon, feel free to drop me a PM. I don't need anything in return.

For item-induced evolutions, please provide the correct item onto the Pokemon prior to trade or, at least, let me know if you don't have the required item, so I can provide one for you, but only if I have a spare.


normal type: Aipom,
Need help evolving my 2 Kadabras into Alakzam
and my 2 Huanters into Gengar
will help you evolve too
or I can breed you some 5IV/egg move pokemon
also dex entries

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New Member
Just recently caught a shiny swirlix during chaining and need help evolving into a shiny slurpuff.
I can also help evolve someone else's Pokémon in the process.

pm me.

Edit: trade completed
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New Member
I could need some help to evolve my Haunter into Gengar so I can tackle the Battle Maison.
Feel free to write me a private message if you have the time to help me out.

EDIT: Okay, worked out. Thanks!
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Breeding Enthusiast
Hello all!

I need help evolving 2 scythers into Scizors. I am willing to trade some 5IV pokemon that I have bred. Your choice. Please PM me if interested. Thanks! :)

Edit: Completed and evolved. Thank you for the help!
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Pokemon Breeder
Trade completed.
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