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Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?


i'd like someone's help to transfer a pokemon from one game to another, i have 2 copies of the game and want to move a level 100 poke from one game to the other. if you need help evolving something, let me know. my fc is in my sig/profile. i will need to do the trade, close the game, and log in to the other, so don't think i am stealing your poke. PM me.

still lookin for some help please. pm me.


New Member
Can someone help me evolve my Haunter? Of course I can help you out evolving yours too!

FC: 4012-5850-7787
PM me your FC so I know it's a forum member!


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I need to evolve my Rhydon into Rhyperior, and of course I will anyone evovle their Pokemon. PM me if you are willing to help.
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Thanks skpg! If anyone else needs help Ill be connected tonight, hit me up on 4012-5850-7787


Brazilian Trainer
So, anyone want to evolve their event Pumpkaboo? I want to evolve mine and I'll help anyone.

Edit: I'm still looking for help :(
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Competitive Breeder
Could anyone help me evolve my shiny onix? I'll give a fully Physical trained Lucario to whoever helps me :)

Pokeman Man

The Real Slim Shady
Looking for someone to help me evolve my Karrablast, Shelmet, Porygon, and Swirlix.
Because of Karrablast and Shelmet's weird evolution method, here's how I'd like the trade to go:
I trade Karrablast to you for a random Pokemon
I trade Shelmet for Karrablast, and they both evolve
I trade Porygon for the Accelgor, Porygon evolves
I trade Swirlix for the Porygon2, Swirlix evolves
I trade your random Pokemon back for the Slurpuff
- If any of them learn any moves when they evolve, please do not have my Pokemon learn them

Let me know if you can help. I can help trade-evolve whatever you have as well.

all done! :)
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Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
I still have some Pokemon that I need evolved:

Porygon & Porygon2

PM me if interested.
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Staying Real
ill help anyone looking for help evolving just pm me..
also im looking for someone to help clone some of my pokemon. PLEASE


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I need help evolving a few pokes, pm me if interested


Normal: The abnormal
Need help evolving my haunter!!