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Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?


Im a Tamer
i need help with something special D: i think i can post these here

i need someone can help me trading my two masterballs from XY to ORAS

Let me know if you can help !



Crimson Denizen
Looking to evolve a Pumpkaboo, would appreciate any help.

PM If you can help me

EDIT Done!!!! :D
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New Member
Need to evolve my scyther and onix, leave a PM if you're up for it


Shiny Hunter
Anyone available to help me evolve my Kadabra in OR? I'll help evolve your Pokemon too if you have one :)

EDIT: Done!
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Well-Known Member
need help with my haunter . will help evolve one of your pokrmon


Dunsparce Defender
Hi, can someone help me evolve my Machoke? I can help you evolve your pokemon too, leave me a message if you're up for it! (I'm in the UK if that helps with timezone business)

EDIT: Trade complete, thank you!
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Can anyone help me evolve my pokémon that evolve through trading? They're six: two Spritzees, Swirlix, Kadabra, Gurdurr and Phantump.
PM/VM me if you're interested in the same.

EDIT: Got them, thanks
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Mr. Reloaded

Cause a pirate is free
Need help evolving Porygon, will help evolve other mons if you need me too.

PM me if interested!

Trade complete!
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Hunky Bro

New Member
I need help evolving my Gurdurr and Machoke. I'll gladly help out anybody evolve their pokemon too.

EDIT: Got it done! Thanks!
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New Member
Hello all,
This thread is going to be so helpful!
I have a healthy collection of Pokemon forming (14 of them) that I would need help evolving, and was wondering if anyone could spend some time to help!

I am willing to help others achieve the same goals if they have a collection as well! :)

Please PM me if you can help!



UGA League Champion
Need help evolving my Haunter. PM me if you can help.

EDIT: done, much appreciated
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Terminally Chill
I also have a Rhydon that I need to evolve. Please PM if you can help.


Battle Engineer
Looking to trade 2 pokemon: poliwhirl -> politoed & scyther -> Scizor
PM, thanks in advance, and happy holidays!

EDIT: No longer needed. However, I'll be online for a couple of hours or so, and I'll help anyone on this thread needing a trade.
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