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Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?


Hi. I need help evolving 5 pokes :) let me know if you are avaiable

Thanks in advance!


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Trade Complete - many thanks!

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Simple request...If someone could help me trade evolve my Shelmet into Accelgor, that would be great. I could help with whatever you need as well. For those willing to help, please don't forget I need to trade Shelmet with a Karrablast for the evolution to happen. Thanks in advance!


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Hi, I need someone to help me evolve my Scyther into a Scizor. I should be on for a couple of hours. A free Lucky Egg for whoever can help me!


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Need help trade evolving a slurpuff
My friend code is: 0473-9218-6273

Trade done! Tnxs to Sharingan
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Hi guys, I figure this is the community/place to ask for some help. I'm after some help evolving my Kadabra, Graveler and Machoke. Always wanted to do a playthrough of the game with their evolutions and decided to try and make it happen.

My friend code is 1779-2650-1922. Let me know what we need to do as I'm new to using the online community thing.

EDIT: Trades complete, thanks to Battra
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I am available all day to help with Trade evolving Pokemon if anyone needs it, just shoot me a pm.


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Hey, I'm looking for help evolving four Pokemon via trade. If anybody can assist me in doing that, send me a PM. I'd be greatly appreciative!

Edit: Trades completed.
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Anyone help me evo my onix to steelix please.


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Hi there. I'm in need of someone to help evolve my Magmar. Would appreciate it very much, thanks! :)

Edit: Completed
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Hi, I need help evolving my poliwhirl to politoed. PM ME! thanks!!

Edit: complete! Thank you Battra
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Looking for someone to help me evolve some pokemon. After I get Porygon 2, Porygon Z, and Slurpuff I'm done with my dex so I would really really appreciate your help. I will need to do Slurpuff and Porygon first and then quit and return to evolve Porygon 2 to Porygon Z.

EDIT: Done, thank you!
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