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Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?


Well-Known Member
Looking to evolve my haunter. Taken care of thanks.
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Im a Tamer
I looking for someone that can help me change the name of a pokemon

PM Please
If you want , you can make clone of my pokemon and keep it
I Can Offer a lot of things
-5iv Pokemons with Egg Moves
-Bank Balls Pokemons
-Some Shiny Pokemons


New Member
If anyone would help me evolve my kadabra from my alpha sapphire i would most appreciate it

friend code- 0018-3512-1682
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Well-Known Member
looking for someone to help evolve my haunter please :)
Pls pm me with ur fc im happy to help you too!

still looking for help.
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I need help with getting a Dawn Stone in ORAS! I know you can get one in Victory Road but I don't want to wait that long to evolve my Kirlia. PM me for my friend code and if you can help!
Update: No longer need one!
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Fabio Minccino
Trade complete. Thanks for the help Belgrim.
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Fire Pokemon Trainer
looking for help with trade evolving Karrablast, Shelmet, Gurdurr, Pumpkaboo, Boldore, Swirlix, and two Clamperls. please pm me

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New Member
looking for help with trade evolving Karrablast, Shelmet, Gurdurr, Pumpkaboo, Boldore, Swirlix, and two Clamperls. please pm me

If no one has helped you yet I can do the job. Also I need help to evolve my Haunter into Gengar ^^

Anyone feel free to PM to exchange codes.
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Well-Known Member
Need help Evolving my Haunter, can clone one for you as a thanks for helping (6 iv shiny) :) pls pm!

water trainer

Knuckle Trainer

Hey! I'm going to be doing a Egglocke with Pokemon Y and posting videos up on youtube and I have a couple of boxes full of Eggs that I need to trade over to someone so that I can re-start the game (Pokebank doesn't take eggs and it's kinda stupid...) so I need help!

So what I need is someone to trade my eggs over to, to hold for me so I can restart my game, then trade them back so I can do the egglocke and in return for your help, I will be willing to give you a lv100 Shiny Reshiram or a lv 100 Shiny Regigigas, maybe even both! (I have a whole lot of good pokemon for you to choose from too)

So if anyone wants to help me out and has some spare time to do some trading, let me know ASAP so I can give you my friend code and we can trade!