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Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?


Lover of underrated characters
Can somebody help me evolve my Spritzee?


Well-Known Member
Looking for help to evolve my haunter. Anyone willing to help? Thanks :)
Post or pm me your friend code

Ascended Dialga

Well-Known Member
I need help evolving my Porygon2 into Porygon-Z. PM me, please!


New Member
Need a homie to help me evolve Scyther to Scizor. Have the metal coat. Will evolve one of yours in return


New Member
Need help to evolve Electabuzz and Gilgar please. PM me if you can help.


Fire Pokemon Trainer
need help evolving my Porygon and Spritzee please, willing to help evolve your pokes in return :D

nevermind, thanks Dragga :) if anyone needs help evolving their pokemon, please pm me.
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New Member
I'm looking for:

Choice Items - Band, Scarf, Specs
Battle Items - Leftovers, Assault Vest, Life Orb, Focus Sash, Flame Orb, Air Balloon, Eviolite, Weakness Policy
Power Items - Weight, Bracer, Belt, Lens, Band, Anklet
Vitamins - PP-UP and PP-MAX
Master balls and event only berrys
Diancie and/or its megastone
Some help trading 2 megastones from my Pokemon Y game to my Omega Ruby

What i can offer:

Megastones all except Diancite
All the evolutionary items and stones
All the orbs - adamant, lustrous, blue, soul dew etc
All the berrys, except event only ones
All the element Plates
All the Type-enhancing items - Dragon Fang, Black belt, magnet etc
All the Condition boosters like damp heat and icy rocks etc
miscellaneous - rare candys, lucky eggs, soothe bells
And i can help you evolving some pokemons, or trading some items from one game to another

PM me if interested


I have some pokemon to evolve.if you want I can help evolve yours as well or help complete your poked ex as I have a lot of the pokemon myself .


Herp Derp
I need to evolve my Slowpoke, Porygon, and Spritzee please. PM me if you wish to help.

I also have a bunch of 4-5 IV HA pokemon I don't know what to do with other than WT, so if you want any lemme know.


New Member
Someone please help me evolve my Karrablast.
I have nothing to offer honestly so this will be more of an act of kindness rather than a paid service. lol
Please someone help me :)

PM me please! :)


Pokemon Master
Need all evolutionary stones. I know this is a lot but 5-10 PER STONE. Excluding Oval Stone, 1 is enough!
Can trade to evolve in return, and can offer IV bred Pokemon (NO 5-6), only 3-4.
PM me and I'll let you know what I have available.

Of course, I don't expect all these stones from one person so anyone who can spare some stones let me know ASAP.


I can help people evolve pokemon anytime. Im way more active weekdays than weekends at the moment though but if you cant catch me on the weekend im open to scheduling specific times to trade using our GMT's/timezones.

By the way, here is the site i use the find suitable meeting times between two parties if you want to check it out: here


New Member
I need to evolve my Scyther into Scizor; I can help with as many other evo trades as you want. PM me to arrange a meeting ^^.