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Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?


I need some help evolving:
Boldore and spritzee

Also, if any1 has a slurpuff they would like to trade - trade back just for entry id appreciate it.

EDIT: Thank you trade is now complete!
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Not sure if this is the right place but...does anybody have 2 dawn stones they could spare?? I'm trying to get a frosslass and gallade as early in the game as possible (just restarted). I don't have much to offer, a level 11 treecko and a level 5 poochyenna w/thunder fang...thanks in advance!


Crimson Dragon
im trying to complete my foreign pokedex. im looking for someone who can help me evolve 2 Machoke, 2 Boldore, 1 Kadabra, 1 Haunter and 1 Seadra (need to frisk the item for it first).

i have boxes full of dreamball jolly klutz Bunneary with fake out, ice punch, switcheroo, encore. HA nest ball Bulbasaurs bold amnesia powerhip gigadrain and curse. HA Snorunt timid diveballs with hex, weatherball, switcheroo, disable. can guarantee a 4iV and rather likely a 5IV one if they still remain in the pokebank boxes. please pm me if you are interested.

edit: got most of them evolved.
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Shiny Hunter
Can someone help evolve my swirlix? I have the whipped dream on it already I just need a trade partner :) just pm me if you can help my fc is 4613-8999-8960

Edit: done!
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5ivBank Ball Breeder
Got trade done thanks
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I need help in evolving my Scyther, I can help anyone else who wishes so. 3DS code is in my sig. Cheers.


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I need to evolve my Kadabra and will help anyone in return with evolving one of theirs.
PM me on here or add me. My FC is 1693-1983-0398


Pokemon Breeder
I got the help I needed thanks again.
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Sky Emperor
Trades done! :D
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*EDIT: Trade Done*
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Hey guys,

I'm three pokemon away from completing the dex.

I would love some help evolving these pokemon!

Magmar ---> Magmortar

Electebuzz ---> Elective

Dusclops ---> Dusknoir

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Encrenca em dobro~
Trades completed!
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Lord of Time
I need some help evolving Porygon to Porygon2.
FC in signature.
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