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Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?


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Edit: I got a friend to help.
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Hi, so I need help with five different evolutions here. I know its bit much but I'd really appreciate anyone who is willing to help even if its only for a couple of evolutions :D


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;064; -> ;065;​

I would like help evolving my Kadabra. Please add me if you're willing to help. :) 4699//9621//6750

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Hi, I need help evolving my Graveler to Golem. Please add me if you're willing to help.


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I need help to evolve some Pokemon. Pm me if you can help
Trades done
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Happy to help people trade evolve, I also need a Gengar asap :) if you want me to help, PM me. My friend code is on my profile. New here but been playing for 10+ years. Also, good to meet you all.


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Could someone help me evolve my Porygon into a Porygon 2? Feel free to PM me if you can. Thanks! :)

the ash man83

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I'm looking for someone to help me evolve my Machoke. Please VM/PM me if you can!

EDIT: Trade complete
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I have several pokemon that need to be trade evolved, PM me if you can spare some time to help.

EDIT: trade completed
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flaming one
I need help evolving 2 porygon to porygon2
and a dusclops in a dusknoir

pm me please
FC: 1306-5887-5967


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I'm looking to evolve my Electabuzz in Y pre-elite four, which means you would need to give up your Electrizer. I'm happy to replace it or trade you one of the several mega stones I don't plan on using from another game. PM me if you're interested.



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I need some help evolving a bunch of Pokemon that only evolves via trading (e.g Haunter, Magmar into Magmortar).
Please message me if you can help.