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Need help figuring out what's going on with my xbox


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I own a white xbox 360, one of the older ones. The harddrive it came with is only 60 gig. I got two 128-gig flash drives to use as extra memory. I plugged one of them in, formatted it, and proceeded to move three games onto it without any problem.

The other day I received the Borderlands Triple Pack from a gamer friend of mine. I installed the DLCs for Borderlands 2 from the disk, then moved it over to the flash drive so I would still have room on the hard drive, and then started a new game. Everything seemed to be fine.

The next day, I went in and tried to play. The game proceeded to inform me that I had no save file and needed to reinstall the compatibility pack. So I did. Then I went to check the flash drive. The three games I saved there are still there (Dead Space, Dishonored, and Terraria) but the Borderlands 2 DLCs are not. The space is still occupied, apparently; the three games are only 10.6 gigs between the three of them but the flash drive, which was 124 gigs empty and just over 110 gigs with the three games, is reading as having 100 gigs free space.

Today, I reinstalled the DLCs to the main hard drive, then tried to copy them to the flash drive. As soon as the copying finished, I checked the flash drive. All of the files had a yellow exclamation mark in front of them and most of them appeared to be empty. A few minutes later, the file had vanished again but the flash drive was still reading as having only 90 gigs free space.

Can anyone help me figure out what's going on? I'm stumped.

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Oh boy.. Going of your description: It looks like you've purchased a "fake" Flash Drive. They're Flash Drives that a way smaller than what they're stated to be and what most OS think they are.

First, make sure your game Save data is still on your 360. Download games and DLC files can be recovered, game progression can be a lot harder. The next step will wipe the data off the Flash drive.

Next choose a tool from here: https://www.raymond.cc/blog/test-an...b-flash-drives-bought-from-ebay-with-h2testw/ and use it on your pc, with the Flash drive in your PC.