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Need help improving team.

Ok this is my current team vs the Elite four, not all that good. (Gengar ftw)

Gengar, Female, Lvl 58
Shadow Ball
Item: Spell Tag

Dialga, lvl 57
Dragon Pulse
Item: Adament Orb

Staraptor, Male, Lvl 49
Brave Bird
Quick Attack
Return (with full happiness)
Close Combat
No hold item for the time being...

Torterra, Male, Lvl 43
Wood Hammer
Synthesis (probably changing)
Strength (I KNOW)
No hold item...

Luxray, Male, Lvl 38
Shock wave (buying thunderbolt)
I'll check this last one again...
No hold item...

Gastrodon, Male, Lvl 31
Sludge Bomb
Mud Bomb
No hold Item

Gastrodon has terrible moves and Luxray and Torterra's need some work. Starraptor and Dialga are grate and Gengar is awesome! I just need some suggestions on what to do. Thanks
Knowing the natures and abilities of the pokemon would come in handy, but I'll just go off what I can think of for the attributes of the pokemon you're using.

Okay... First off, on the one I'm most familiar with. Luxray has a higher Attack than Sp.Atk, so you'll likely do more damage with a physical attack like Thunder Fang. If you skipped getting that move, go to the Move Relearner over in Pastoria. Toss Charge. Keep Crunch if you want. With the speed so low (comparatively) for a Luxray, you may wish to toss in Light Screen or Reflect and switch to another pokemon when you have a need to do so. One thing you could try is Facade, but the pokemon's average stats aren't high enough to support it in competitive play. With that in mind, I'd suggest Rest instead, or Thunder Wave. Being able to get your HP back or setting up a status on your non-ground opponent (or a Limber one) will be very useful in-game and in competition play (though Rest is practically suicide for this pokemon in competition, I think).

Something you may wish to think about: Is there a need for more than one attack of that pokemon's type for STAB on them? Chances are, no. There are some exceptions, of course, namely status moves (Thunder Wave, Will-o-Wisp, Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, etc).

With that in mind, Torterra's moveset. You know about Strength, which is good- you can fix that in Canalave. I think, at this point, you need to decide on either Synthesis or Leech Seed. Both are useful, but Synthesis has limited usage. Leech Seed is more useful for your entire team (it stays in effect even after the using pokemon switches out). That fourth slot's pretty much open at this point, so you could try Return instead.

Gastrodon... Switch out Sludge Bomb for Ice Beam (TM 13), if you can afford it from the Casino. That'll give you better coverage. Try and get Earthquake for Gastrodon as well, use that to replace Mud Bomb. Waterfall runs off of ATK and Surf off of Sp.ATK. This pokemon's higher attack stat is Sp. ATK, so I'd say you should replace Waterfall with another technique. Considering it can Body Slam, that could come in handy (30% chance of paralysis is always nice), but when you get it high enough, think about replacing it with Recover.

Staraptor looks decent to me. Might want to check it's Hidden Power type though, and see if it's worth using (Ice, Ground, or Grass would be good ones). If it doesn't have a good Hidden Power, then try Roost- it's so fast that it can take away the Flying-type and leave the pokemon a pure Normal for the rest of the turn, negating both its Ice-weak and its ability to avoid Ground-attacks. But, it's an instant 50% HP boost, so it can be worth it.

Gengar is alright. Embargo is kinda situational, as is Gengar in general (with somewhat below-average defenses and HP, you need to be kinda careful with it). Substitute might be a good replacement, but if you go that route I'd suggest tossing Focus Punch or Focus Blast in there too to take advantage of your one-turn free hit. Focus Blast isn't very accurate, so toss in a Wide Lens (Casino, 2000 tokens) to help that out.

I'm not that great at this stuff sometimes, but I'm hoping that this helps.


I know I probably ought to do a legit team rate, but honestly, if you're trying to beat the elite four and nothing else, just level your pogeys up. Once they're high enough levels, you shouldn't have much of a problem. Beating the elite four is essentially hitting each pokemon with super effective attacks.


Psyched Up
Staff member
Gengar @ Wide Lens
Modest Nature
~Shadow Ball
~Focus Blast

Modest/Timid Nature
~Aura Sphere
~Dragon Pulse
~Ice Beam

Adamant/Jolly Nature
~Bulk Up
~Stone Edge/Rock Slide
~Dragon Claw

Adamant/Jolly Nature
~Brave Bird
~Close Combat
~U-Turn/Quick Attack

Adamant Nature
~Wood Hammer
~Stone Edge
~Crunch/Leech Seed

Mild/Rash Nature
~Ice Fang
~Fire Fang

Mild/Rash Nature
~Ice Beam
Thanks for giving me these good ideas guys. Sludge bomb was only for gastrodon for taking out a couple galactic pokemon. Just wondering where would I get Focus blast?