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Need help with a fire red team

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by ghohan5, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. ghohan5

    ghohan5 Team Plasma Grunt

    So my old gear basically broke, so just replaced it all, including my game, so I'm starting from scratch.

    I'm wondering, what team should I get? I have been using the same one for a long time, and could use some pointers, as I am so tired of this team now.

    First thing, I need a physical sweeper because I have no clue what the best choice is here. Please include a couple of suggestions if you can, move-sets and a held item for it ;d oh and the nature.

    Also I usually go with raichu and gengar as my special sweepers, so if you have a suggestion about a better substitute, go ahead and suggest one, if not I can live with using them.

    Though when it comes to walls I need some help, as I'm kind of a noob when it comes to that. What pokemon should I pick for this role? I have like no experience here, so any suggestions help. Again, here to, if you can include move-sets and held item+ nature, that'd be great.

  2. mikeparty1

    mikeparty1 Member

    I've been using a Hypno and he's really good. His moveset is:

    Dream Eater

    This works really well. Substitute protects him from status effects while I have a chance to use hypnosis, which can be a little inaccurate sometimes. Dream eater takes back all the hp that I spent on the sub so it works out. Psychic is good for just 1 hit ko things. I definitely recommend it if you get bored. He also has excellent special def and good physical defense too.

    I use Nidoqueen as my defensive pokemon. She has high hp and defense. Her moveset is:

    Body Slam
    Focus Punch

    I'm going to replace bite with earthquake. I wish I had taught substitute to nidoqueen instead of hypno so I could use the sub-punch combo which works really well. Counter is great against pokemon that deal a lot of damage. Most things don't kill Nidoqueen in one hit so it can deal tremendous damage.

    I don't use electric types at all so I'm not sure what to reccomend there. My current party is Aerodactyl 32, Ninetales 39, Ivysaur 42, Nidoqueen 35, Hypno 43. I'm saving the last spot for Lapras.

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