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Need help with Latios, Latias, or Feebas?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by Xexxhoshi Omega, Feb 17, 2004.

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  1. Then you've come to the right place!!!

    [Latios and Latias Guide]

    Thanks to Keaton22 on GameFAQs

    There are so many topics with newb's askin about how to catch Lati@s, I thought I'd make a "help center"

    To find Lati@s: There are many methods, only a few work good. I know a lot of people use the 'Safari Zone trick.' I tried this, and personally found it a complete waste of time. The method I used was to find a patch of grass, and save your game. Fight 3-4 random battles, and if it doesn't show up, turn off your game. Turn it back on, fight 3-4 more random battles, and repeat the process until you find it. I found it twice like this, because i didn't feel like chasin it, and each time I found it in less than five minutes.

    Also, for those who don't know, Lati@s will run the first chance it gets. So you need a pokemon who has an attack, of special ability stops it from running. I used wobbufett, because of his special ability, but I know golbat usually has mean look, and I think there's one more pokemon who's special ability prevents it from running. I would suggest using your masterball if you still have it though.

    I hope this helps for anyone trying to catch it, I'll keep bumped to try and keep down the number of Lati@s topics.

    I'm gonna try this. I don't have Latios yet but I heard from other GameFAQs users that it works.

    Use a Wobbafeet to catch it. They can be found in the Safari Zone. Sorry I posted this 5 months late. ^^;;;


    [Feebas Guide]
    Hmmm..Let me try make a useful guide to catch the devil Feebas.

    He's easy to catch if you keep this keyword in mind: PATIENCE. Also, try to fish on each square 2-3 times. Do it more is just an overkill and less will make his slip him away. Make sure you have Poke Balls, etc. Use an old rod !! People say it's easier with a super rod but you'll find it a complete waste of time because all you find is damned Carvannas. Old Rod you'll only find Marills so you have like a 50% chance of finding it.

    Here's a patten you can follow...

    [] is where you start

    Congradulations! You just caught your very own Feebas.

    Finally the good part, because now you are stuck with an ugly fish. Well
    to evolve it once again isn’t easy. You need to feed it Blue or Indigo
    Pokéblocks to get his beauty rating to 170. Now here’s the tricky part,
    you can only feed a Pokémon 12 Pokéblocks before it won’t eat anymore.
    Therefore you need high quality Pokéblocks to feed your Feebas.

    Now to evolve it. Here are the berrys...

    Group "C" (levels ~11)
    Chesto Berry - Blue
    Oran Berry - Indigo
    Lum Berry - Indigo
    Bluk Berry - Indigo
    Weaper Berry - Indigo

    Group "B" (levels ~23)
    Wiki Berry - Indigo
    Kelpsy Berry - Indigo
    Hondew Berry - Indigo
    Cornn Berry - Indigo

    Group "A" (levels ~45)
    Pamtre Berry

    So obviously Class C Berrys you shoulden't even waste your time on. Class B are the berries you should use. Class A are the strong berries that are rare but power.

    To get the pamtre berry, say "Challenge Contest" to obtain a Pamtre berry. But You should stick with the Class B Berries.

    (To get the word "CONTEST" in your vocabulary you have to beat the Elite Four.)

    Now the Natures...

    Good Natures
    Modest, Mild, Rash, and Quiet.

    Bad Natures
    Adamant, Impish, Careful, and Jolly..

    So if you get the bad natures, HAHAHA!! I mean, leave that Feebas alone. Make it be an ugly fish forever unless it's a female. Then Breed it with something.

    Now make the Pokeblocks. When you can't feed it anymore or maxed out it's beauty, make it another level and CONGRADULATIONS!! A MILOTIC!!

    If you want movesets, go to the R/S Rate My team board. Ask and the user will probably grant your wish.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 12, 2004
  2. Dratini927

    Dratini927 Matt the Drat

    This could be of some help to some people. And prevent some wasteful posts about this same question.

  3. It Works!!!

    I found :381: and nicknamed it :380: !!! Man I'm stupid. It shouldn't take you long.....
  4. Night Flame

    Night Flame Guest

    So did you do that method???
  5. Yes I did. Now I need a moveset for Latios.
  6. Night Flame

    Night Flame Guest

    Could you suggest a route for someone???To help them out?
  7. Okay. For Latios, I found him on Route 117. For Latias, your on your own.
  8. Dratini927

    Dratini927 Matt the Drat

    Latios and Latias are in Random Spots. Not just in one area. But there are some spots that they will not go near, and some that they always do end up. Just check your PokeDex and see how often it goes into an area. Then you can find it's most priminate nesting spot. ;)
  9. You don't actually have to reset the game, when doing the Safari Zone Trick, you should go to route 121 and look for Pokemon in the grass patch in front of the Safari Zone Entrance if you don't encounter Lati@s you can just enter the Safari Zone Entrance and immediatly leave, then start looking again and again and again... Untill you find it.
    I still prefer not to look for Lati@s and just train your team, when you get lucky Lati@s will appear and after encountering Lati@s you can see it's location in the Pokedex.
  10. Kaiserin

    Kaiserin please wake up...

    Since this is a Lati finding thread, I'll give my knowledge of Lati hunting.

    Good Pokemon for Lati Hunting

    1) Sableye. If you can speed it up enough and teach it both Mean Look and a significantly weak, HP-chipping move, this is a good Pokemon to use for Sapphire players. It is resistant to the Lati's moves (they both have either defensive moves or psychic attacks) with the Dark dual type, and it has some super-effective moves of its own. But be careful, don't knock Lati@s out.

    2) Wobbuffet. If you don't want to risk the speed of a Sableye or are playing Ruby, Wobbuffet is the Pokemon of choice. Shadow Tag, its auto ability, will keep Lati@s from fleeing, and just Mirror Coat away for minor hits because Lati@s's attacks will do little damage against another Psychic type, thus, double retaliation of minor damage is not going to do much to a legendary,

    3) Master Ball. Quick, efficient, and quite cliche. If you have it at your disposal, Lati@s is one of the best Pokemon to use it on. If you already wasted it on, say, Rayquaza, you might as well forget this method, however easy it may be. A drawback? Your feeling of self-accomplishment is likely to be low.
  11. Dratini927

    Dratini927 Matt the Drat

    It is better to use the Master Ball on Lati, because it's the Hardest one to capture, and the most time consuming. With Rayquaza (since it's the 2nd most used for the Master Ball) it doesn't run away, and you have lots of time to weaken it, and do other things to it, and just use a bunch of Ultra Balls. Also...You can use the Timer Balls which come in more handy the longer the battle drags on.

    So using the Master Ball on Lati is the best bet for the easiest capture, and downright effortless one also. :p
  12. Senator Kiwi

    Senator Kiwi Guest

    For Ruby Players who don't wanna use Wobbufett and already have used their MasterBall, use Nosepass. It can learn Block at an early level.
  13. Dratini927

    Dratini927 Matt the Drat

    Well, Block would be good except one thing....Lati can flee before you use the attack. So you would have to use something else instead of an Attack to prevent Lati from escaping.
  14. *swampert*

    *swampert* Guest

    whenever you say lati...you mean lati0s or lati@s
  15. dennix

    dennix Guest

    both DUH! :p

  16. wat the h u say u found latios and latias hold on in wat game sapphire or ruby in sapphire u get latias in ruby u get latiosand u say u got both how. wif eon ticket or somefin
  17. Okay. I found LATIOS in RUBY. LATIAS is in SAPPHIRE. I don't no wat your r saeing.
  18. i know how to get a the lati's its very easy ok get a trapinch put a everston wif it then if u see the lati's it wont escape and u need a trapinch that nows the ability arena trap ok got that go to rt 111 or the desert area and ull see a trapinch and when it attacks try to flee it will say trapinch did arena trap and then catch it ok and thats how i got my latias buy doin it and then attakcin it but train ur trapinch at level may be 50 and the keep the attack bite and use it or use crobat wich evloes at level 52 ok use ether one of them but my choice is that if u use crobat put trapinch on the 2nd pkmn after crobat dies if it does trapinch will come and latias will try to flee it then cant but if u dontwant to take out croba, keep trapinch how i chought my latias is by getin a trapinch and 1 more thin trapinch is better use trapinch if u really want a latias i first weaked it then the last time i saw it i used a ultra ball and i caught my kyroge in a pokeball how funny lol (use trapinch)
  19. Daatingu

    Daatingu Guest

    You can get both of them in one game. You have to get a special ticket from a nintendo event and then a boat takes you to a southern island where you can get Latios in saphire and Latias in ruby.
  20. dennix

    dennix Guest

    well the tip is not worth anything im trying to get latias in sapphire (havent seen it yet) and im standing on a place saving then reseting then battling 4 or so pokemon no latias tried it for an hour! and still no latias jeez its usseles! and yes i have got the experience since i do have latios in ruby cought it with my great wobbufet so mate unless im doing something wrong i think its quite usseles
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