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Need Help with LGE exclusives


New Member
I want to complete my pokedex and get the shiny charm but I have neither a second nintendo switch nor anyone to trade with.

I want all the eevee version exclusives( ekans, vulpix, meowth, bellsprout, koffing, pinsir )

I will trade you back pikachu version exclusives ( sandshrew, oddish, mankey, growlithe, grimer, scyther )

I also want you to help me with trade evolutions( machoke, graveler, kadabra, haunter )

I will give you the pokemon and you will send them back once they have evolved.

One last thing. I want you to trade me the 3 legendary birds and mewtwo to complete my pokedex and start shiny hunting. Once they are recorded in the pokedex I will send them back to you immediately, you have my world.

Can a kind soul help me quickly with all of this. It's not too much time consuming.