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Need help with my fire red team


Team Plasma Grunt
Hey so I just started a new game on fire red, and I wanna get some help on what Pokemon to chose. I usually go with venusaur with the same move-set every time, and don't wanna change that, but the rest of them, I kinda wanna get some other peoples perspectives on.

So first, physical sweeper. What should I go with there? I had Scizor with swords dance, iron defense, cut, fury cutter. But I don't feel like his fast enough or that his attacks do enough damage. So any advice would be great.

Special sweeper. I was using gengar, with shadow ball, psychic, hypnosis and dream eater. Though would like to switch him out to, mainly because I'm bored of him. He does good in the elite four, but that's basically it.

Then if you guys could give me some pointers on what other Pokemon to have in my team, that'd be great :) Also please include natures and move-sets.
A few that I have been considering is Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence. Because I've seen a lot of people reccomend those. so again, if those are good. move-sets/natures? :p

Thanks :)
Aerodactyl is extremely fast with great physical attack. Takedown works well because you get no recoil. Iron tail is good too.

Mr. Reloaded

An enigma
Physical Sweeper: Gyarados with Dragon Dance, since Waterfall isn't available until post game, Earthquake and any other physical move are good. Kabutops ain't to bad either.

Special Sweeper: Dragonite since this is Gen 3, Dragon moves are special making Dragons more special based. It's also very fast, and has decent bulk.

Other good members would be
Jolteon- outspeeds most of in-game Pokemon so as long as your nature isn't a speed lowering one.