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Need massive help for my team!

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by naffy, Dec 24, 2012.

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  1. naffy

    naffy New Member

    Hi guys, so I've played pokemon for many many years but only on emulators. Recently, i purchased a DS so I can finally play competitive battling online. Because of this, I am rather naive to creating powerful teams for online use.
    My teams are fine for in game, but obviously, terrible for online. I know having 3 fire type moves on typhlosion is retarded, you don't need to tell me that, I just don't know what moves to replace them with, thats why they are stuck there. Either way, here is my team (that is rather fighting type susceptible):

    Dragonite (needs some serious move pool improvement)
    - dragon rush
    - dragon pulse
    - aqua tail
    - Draco Meteor

    - Hyper Beam
    - Force Palm
    - Shadow Ball
    - Aura Sphere

    - fire blast
    - strength (still need to remove that ********)
    - flamethrower
    - lava plume

    - crunch
    - earthquake
    - stone edge
    - dark pulse

    - surf
    - thunder
    - ice beam
    - blizzard

    Now for my last spot I'm thinking either jolteon or espeon, can't decide which typing i need more.

    All advice is greatly appreciated, be easy on me!

  2. Rosez66

    Rosez66 Ace trainer

    You will need evs on each pokemon and descriptions for each ones purpose and if your team is fighting type weak pick espeon, simples.
  3. Gamefreak

    Gamefreak Well-Known Member

    Read the rules please. Closed.
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