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Need nickname for Lapras (HGSS)


Ugh, I've been at this for two days and can't think of a nickname for my Lapras. I want something that is playful and cute, and also captures what lapras is all about (intelligence, docility, etc.) For reference, here are the names of the other Pokemon on my team.
Abra: Curiosity
Natu: Kiwi
Vulpix: Sunset

If somebody can help me solve this problem, it would be much appreciated!!!


Well-Known Member
How about Melody? That's what I named my Lapras in Leaf Green because Lapras reminds me of music for some reason. :p


TwilightBlade, I love melody and was considering it but I have a coworker named melody so it feels a bit weird. Currently I think I might go with grace, but I haven't completely made up my mind yet. :/


Okay, I've decided on "Ocarina." Thanks to everybody who helped, I actually got this name thanks to combining the motif of music with Sakuyamon's idea of "Oceania." Thanks guys!!