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Need Shiny


I want:
-Dusknoir with Pain Split
-Shining Dusknoir
-Shining Heracross
-Shining Exeggutor
-Shining Forretress
-Shining Hitmonchan
-Shining Arcanine
-Shining Miltank
-Shining Houndoom
-Shining Cloyster
-Shining Starmie
-Shining Alakazam
-Shining Ninetails
-Shining Aerodactyl
-Shining Steelix
-Shining Flygon
-Shining Gardevoir
-Shining Gallade
-Shining Shuckle
-Shining Blissey
-Shining Tyranitar
-Shining Entei

Any lvl and w/ legitemacy

here's the pokemon i have:
Shiny Blaziken (modest, lvl 100)
Shiny Kangaskhan
Shiny Dratini
Shiny Bronzong
Shiny Yanma
Shiny Yanmega
Shiny Giratina
Shiny Groudon
Shiny Misdreavus
Shiny Rotom
Shiny Lumineon
Shiny Phanpy
Shiny Machamp
Shiny Torchic
Shiny Munchalx
Shiny Espeon
Shiny Umbreon
Shiny Snubbull
Shiny Magby (w/ magmarizer)
Shiny Electivire
Shiny Plusle
Shiny Builzel
Shiny Pachirisu
Shiny Castform
Shiny Hippopotas
Shiny Bonsly
Shiny Chimeco
Shiny Marshtomp
Shiny Ambipom
Shiny Gastly
Shiny Golduck
Shiny Lanturn (modest, lvl 100)


Well-Known Member
I have a Careful, flawless SDef, Pain Split Duskull. You interested?

BT ;383;