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Need tips for wish cave

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Boulder Trainer
fully evolved pokes and good ATK and DEF.and i'd bring lots of gravler rocks because just 2 can KO almost any foe in there.and it can do good damage to it's boss.
I suggest you bring non-evolved Pokemon, for they level up fast, and teach one of them Frustration. But I'm probably wrong. I've never done Wish Cave, and I'm just repeating to what other people have posted.
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New Member
Nice choice might be mew - it levels up fast and gain lots of hp when levelled up.

My succesfull strategy was taking:

-Some Reviver Seeds (more=better)
-3 TMs Frustration - Learn them from the start
-Some Max Elixirs
-Tm Attract for battling Jirachi or for difficult situations
-Link Box (unnecessary, because you can find a lot of them in the dungeon) - use when pokes on your floor have more than 45 hps )
-Pass Scarf to hold
-Joy Seeds - no need for explaining, but I actually clear the dungeon without them
- 1-2 Warp Orb, Slumber Orb, Invisitify Orb, Totter Orb etc. - They will help you with monster houses
- 1-2 Huge Apples - If you don't feel lucky with items in the dungeon

I hope it'll help


to me is mass attack moves such as ominous wind, silver wind, or discharge.

i go solo for this mission.
for wish cave, i'd bring a high leveled fire type for big damage on jirachi


Psychic Master
-joy ribbon
-reviver seeds(more than one)
-oran berries
-moves that have fixed damage, this is where they will do good.(i.e. future sight)
-a few good tms your team pokemon can learn
-apples(huge, big, whatever)
-someone to keep in touch with if you faint, so you can be rescued.


gone gently
There's already both a general help thread and a team help thread.
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