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Need Writers for Star Trek(my way)


Beginning Trainer
POSTERS NOTE: I know there are rules on such things, if this is not appropriate here, feel free to close it.
I'm looking for writers to write scripts. You see, I'm not very good at writing scripts, I write summaries and I asked them to convert them into scripts. My non-canon Star Trek universe has the elements of Anime, Videogames, and Scifi series. Here are the crew of the Starship Enterprise:
Captain Christopher Pike
Mr. Spock
Number One
Dr. Phillip Boyce
Lieutenant José Tyler
Yeoman J.M. Colt
Engineer James "Jimmy" Morgan
Marine Commander Utena Tenjou
Security Chief Lina Inverse
Emergency Medical Hologram Dr. Mario
Nurse Joy
Lieutenant Commander Cassidy
Lieutenant Jessie
MACO CO Colonal Link
MACO XO Major Heero Yuy
Tim Dixon, Co-Executive Producer of Pokemon Rebirth is now an CGI/Anime artist under my command. I'm working on a summary for the two-hour Pilot movie it will be Q's first appearence as a remake of the TNG epidsode "Encounter @ Farpoint". So, what do you think?


Don Ledianni
As one Trek fan to another, let me just say...

You violated the Prime Directive, man. Don't ask for writerrs for a story. If you want things done your way, then write it yourself. Use elements from the shows/movies and Pokemon. Course, I see no way how those two can mesh together.

I'm not sold on this idea you have of having Trek and Pokemon together. It worked with Star Trek/X-Men, yes but that story made plausible sense. If you can't write scripts, write full on story. Nothing wrong with that. Though, You might want to look up Star trek: TNG/X-Men: Planet X to see how these things are done.

I'm still wondering why you have a holographic doc with Christopher Pike when that tech wasn't around when Pike was alive. That's kind of confusing. So, you might want to make characters from just one era. If it's in TOS era, no holograms, No borg, No Ferengi, No Q.

I also wouldn't suggest you remark Encounter at Farpoint. Only because it's a good ep but People kind of look down on rewrites of others works. One kid tried to rewrite Harry Potter with Pokemon and copied things word for word from the story.

Just some helpful advice.



Beginning Trainer
Ledian_X, this is a non-canon universe. I use Star Trek as my testbed. Unless if you want me to use Stargate as a testbed, then I have no doubt to do so, while I add elements of Star Trek and Pokemon onto the series. What do you think?


Don Ledianni
I see where you're going now with this idea only because eventually, the pokemon world would have some form of space travel and bring the pokemon into the final frontier. I just had to think of things carefullly. But, you really shouldn't be asking for people to write for you. If you want to do this idea, you do it youself. It'd be more fulfilling this way and you won't have to argue with people because it'd be done your way.


The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
I got to agree with Ledian here. You should write your own stories. For one thing, you'd get confusion in plots based on what people consider canon or not.

Here's an example of said problem:
I write an episode about the battles between the Lyran and the Hydrans (two races from the Starfleet Battles universe). Then the next writer doesn't know what the hell I'm wiriting about because they've never heard of Starfleet Battles or those two races and doesn't think they're canon.


Beginning Trainer
Ledian_X, I'm letting anyone to write scripts for me if that what your thinking. I write summaries and ask to turn them into scripts. I'll write summaries long in order to make sense. What do you think?