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Needed Pokemon To Complete Dex


New Member
ok i just need to see these pokemon so if anyone can help me battle them or trade them then ill do whatever you want to repay you


anyone with these pokemon puhleese battle me


Pm me events only
I have drifloon. Any shinies?

Power Shot

Reignited with Ego!
If you give me about a day, I can give you all three of those Pokemon. However, you might like this information more:

Capture a Cherubi and evolve it to get Cherrim

Drifloon can be captured at Valley Windworks, but only on a Friday.

Riolu is given to you as an egg on Iron Island, which is near Canalave City. Speak to the Sailor on the West side of the town to go there.


New Member
drifloon change ur ds time to friday morning cherrim cant help u there and riolu go to iron island and help riley beat team galactic memebers if theyre still there and he'll give u a riolu egg and if not u'll have to trade for 1


New Member
and if u cant get the egg from iron island battling ppl over wi fi doesnt help ive tried it so i'll trade u a regular riolu for something


New Member
if you need a riolu right away and you dont wanna go to iron iskand to get it i can make you one pm me for more info