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Needed to be watch consecutively or standalone eps?

Consecutive or Standalone?

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When you watch anime, which do you prefer? Series where you have to watch in order and missing a few eps could really confuse you or series where there is an overall plot but most individual eps could be watched alone and in random order without causing confusion?

Hopefully you guys know what I meant by that, I wasn't quite sure how to word it.

Anyways, I mostly like series that have eps that can be watched in any order without being too confused. I don't mind ones where you have to watch consecutively unless they're hundreds of episodes long cause they're easy to fall behind in.

Warped Reflection

Active Member
It doesn't really matter to me. I can watch shows that can standalone because then I wouldn't be upset by missing any of the other episodes that are important. If I needed to watch episodes consecutively, I could just record them so I could watch them when I have the time.


Radiance of Shadows
Consecutively, easy. I might occasionally watch a favorite episode of mine from an episodic series, but even then I prefer to watch them chronologically.


The 90's
I like a series with a good plot. I don't mind filler episodes but it should be seldom and there has to be a good reason for it. So, I vote consecutively.


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I guess I really doesn't matter after my first run through. This just happened to me. I'm watching Death Note for the first time. Last week CN should have played Episode 10 and this week they should have shown Episode 11. However, they played Episode 11 both of these days and I was a little confused about certain things.


I watch consecutive episodes because they're a lot more interesting than the standalone episodes.


Pokemaniac10 revived
I prefer to watch them with good plots, so watching them in a random order might as well confuse me (Happened with Code Geass once).

If it's like pokemon then I wouldn't mind skipping an episode or two (Or even three), but that's mostly because of the amount of fillers the anime gets (That, and because the plot is pretty predictable at times).

Flame Haze SnS

I would prefer to watch consecutively as long as there's chronical episodes in order. But if it's 50 episodes or less, then I would need to watch it consecutive since episode 1 or if it's 100 or more episodes, then it shouldn't matter to me.


Well-Known Member
I prefer the consecutive episodes. Too many of thee standalone episode shows get really boring really fast.


I enjoy series that has all its episodes wrapped around the plot neatly, like a present. So, a consecutive watch is usually required for me to avoid massive confusion.


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The series with consecutive episodes. I seem to enjoy those more and I don't have to fear of missing an episode, since I watch animé on the internet anyway.