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Ever have a strange neighbor that always stared at you, or let their dog take a huge dump on your lawn? If so, share your stories. The annoying or odd things that neighbors do to bug you.


A r t i f i c e.
Love this, already.

My neighbors are an 99 Year old pastry factory (Serisously she needs to stop cooking) she always shares with us, the other nieghbors are a family, thier kids are Asian/ Irish. The finall neighbors are kind and stuff, and we have a lot in common.

Also Tiffany and her dog are awesome.


The Ghost of Tsushima
Well the interracial couple next door likes having BBQs and the smoke comes into people's eyes.

other than that, there's not much


OMG, all our neighbours have dogs, but we have a cat..........but we were first so it's their problem.

Anyway, one of them is a bloody rotweiller (or however you spell it. It's the big ugly thing) and it's always bloody barking...which starts the other dogs barking. Then, the same neighbour has about an 18-year old son, who works on his car, at about 10:00pm, with the stereo or cds on or something REALLY REALLY loud. Seriously, I'm about 50 meters away, but that includes about 4 walls, but I can hear it as plain as anything.

Fortunately that's the only real problems.


Officially The Worst
When my neighbors moved in their cat killed my hedgehog. They do leave their wireless unlocked though so that's a silver lining.
Well, we used to have the sweetest old couple as neighbors. They were sweethearts, and like the best neighbors you could possibly have. :) We looked out for them, and they tried to do the same for us.

BUT. they finally moved away a few years ago ..and we got the partiers.....LOL. I like partying, but ...every night at your house ..nah, just stop. These people will have 50,0000 cars at their house like every night ..and sometimes they'll park in front of our house ..in front of our mailbox. ><
And they'll have Spanish music going on and on (and well ..I can't understand Spanish ..so personally ..the music annoys the crap out of me. xD) And all night ..and especially since my window near my bed is facing their house. Yeah.

OH and, it's not just the nights that are bad. ..For some reason, EVERY single day, their damn kid will get into their car and start honking the horn obnoxiously. And it'll just go on and on. >> And then sometimes the alarm will go off forever. And asjkdsjkfjsf. Whenever me and my family hear the horn, we're like "OH SWEET. ><"

My other neighbors next door, aren't too bad. We used to be friendly with them, until YES, they're dog kept shitting in our yard ..xD AAAND. the lady who lives there came over to our house, just to tell my mom that she doesn't like how our yard looks, and she wants us to do something with it, so her yard doesn't look so bad.
AHA. my mom flipped. xD But, this family is OBSESSED. All you see them doing is working on their yard. You can never have a peaceful time outside, because they'll always be out ..watching you, while working. o___o;

Yeah. neighbors are very ..interesting.
OH. And I forgot to say ..when the partier neighbors first moved in ..it was like night, and someone knocked at our door ..so we answered, and it was this 9 year old girl ..and we were like "yes?" and ..she just stood there, staring ..and wouldn't say anything or leave. .....lmao ...very creepy ...she only left when her family called her. D: CREEPY *** NEIGHBORS!


Well-Known Member
I only have when the neighbors don't shovel the sidewalks and then like you go running and it's all icy. It gets annoying


Flabebe's Kids
My neighbors on my street are pretty nice. Across from us there's an elderly couple whose very nice and sometimes give me chores to do for some good money.

Then there are the neighbors that live in the houses behind mine. One of them was where these teens/young adults lived who were douchbags and put a hole in our trampoline from a bottle rocket. Aside from that, nothing too annoying.

The house next to that, is where these four kids lived who were so obnoxious. They:

-called my mom by her first name.
-play outside with no supervision.
-always chase after any dogs that run away.
-say the weirdest stuff, even for kids their age.

Three other kids lived there before them, and me and my brothers played with them since they were the only kids nearby. At least they were more bearable. There mom was pretty nice, but their dad, who still lives there (and is the stepdad of the four kids) was an asshole all the time, as in he acted like an abusive husband/father.


Well-Known Member
Our neighbors burned their house down. No joke.

Probably drugs. And they're living in an RV type thing, and in tents now. The rest of the neighbors have drugs and stuff probably, except for one. YAY

Darth Kitty

Hm. Must be on drugs
Ever have a strange neighbor that always stared at you, or let their dog take a huge dump on your lawn?

YES. >>

My god I could go on and on about these neighbors. Dx

Well, there's that. You see- and I have nothing against dogs. I love dogs. I have two - They have the STUPIDEST dog in the world. Honestly, he craps in our yard, and then barks at our house. >>

And then their daughter (Who's like 20-23-ish.) is pretty annoying, too. When it's spring-break or any other kind of college break, she comes over to their house and has loud/obnoxious parties that last until 2 AM.

And (I told you I could go on and on about them.) see, way back in spring 08, there was this stray kitten, and they claimed it as their own, but they don't get her spayed (Or was it neutered? I forget what it's called when you do it to girl cats.), because It's so expensive. (Even though they have enough money to buy a new goddamn heating/cooling system that same month. >>) So the cat ends up getting pregnant, and she has her kittens (In our garage. D:), but we never see hide nor hair of them. It's like they disappeared or something. ANYWAYS, the neighbor FINALLY takes the cat to get her spayed(/Neutered), but in one of those trucks that do it. (Honestly, you wouldn't want to get surgery in a truck, why would you have your cat get it?) Since they don't keep them overnight (Which they would do at the vet in case there were any complications), the cat ended up dying.


And all of that is just about ONE family. My other neighbors are fine though, an old couple than runs a barber shop/salon.


teh frozen treat
My neighbors are pretty nice. I use to go over there house and have cookies. And then my other neighbors I rarely see, but they're nice enough to let us use their snow blower.


Pedophillia? Naww.>>
I've got some pretty nice neighbors.

First, there's this old lady who has never caused a problem of any sort. Her husband died a few years ago and she just recently had a stroke. I used to play with her grandkids but they annoy me now...

Then my other neighbors are pretty cool too. She's a single mom who keeps getting married(And it fails each time). I used to play with her middle daughter until I suddenly stopped... She also has a 4 year old son who's obsessed with me and a daughter in college. Plus they have a pool

So ... yeah I like my neigbors.


I shot my eye out.

I live at this 3-way, and my house is at the center. It's sorta like a T, and I'm in the top middle of the T...idk.

The one neighbor on the left side of my house has a shitload of rottweilers and rottweiler puppies that crap on everyone's lawn. So I send my chihuahua to crap on theirs. XP They don't do anything about it.

The other next door neighbor had thig ginormous great dane that one chased me. XD

And there's the ones in the pink house, who's dog barks at everyone. It's annoying.

And there's the house that you never see anyone enter/leave, and there's a house that has plants covering it entirely. -.-

Then there's the BRIGHT YELLOW house, and one with this cute guy living in it. 8D omg.


Internet Hustla'
Ever have a strange neighbor that always stared at you, or let their dog take a huge dump on your lawn? If so, share your stories. The annoying or odd things that neighbors do to bug you.

Ugh. Hell yes. We live in condos, and we all share the same lawn. When I take the trash out I have to deal with stepping in the same sh|t from the same dog that attempted to attack me a year ago. Sometimes also when I'm doing homework, I can always hear a car blaring with rap or bass, or somebody swearing a mouthful.

I can't wait until my mom moves us out of this hell hole.


Dawn Patrol
Ugh, my neighbors used to be nice. They were this old couple who had a guava tree in their backyard, the old man used to be very nice and let us pick guavas from the tree. Very nice fellow, till he passed away and his wife moved elsewhere.

The guy who ended up moving in was not much of a problem. He actually was pretty good, he fixed up the back area, putting in a little bar and a horseshoe pit. Pretty nice guy. Moved out after a few years because he had gotten married and his new wife "didn't want to be living in East L.A." Technically, we lived in Los Angeles, not East Los Angeles (which is an unincorporated part of the county).

The new neighbors? They suck. Always partying, always inviting people over and taking up all the damn parking and leaving so much space between the cars. Whenever a L.A. Lakers or Oakland Raiders game is on, they start cheering obnoxiously. I swear, when its baseball season, they'll probably start cheering for EVERY DODGERS GAME and yelling. They also drink and smoke a lot, I swear, we had the stench of marijuana in our house once because of them. I hope if they move out soon (which will probably never happen), that we get cool neighbors.


I Am Your Nightmare
I am that neighbor fear me

I have had those people live near me a few times. They are real jerks you just want to go over to their house and take a dump in their yard. Or just knock on their door and just stand there and stare at them.


New Member
Gwah. I love most of my neighbors. There's one set of neighbors that annoy me though... They do this thing where they try to be nice to us, but it's SO fake... They actually took over part of our yard for their driveway when they reconstructed it, and only told us about it when we CONFRONTED them. No warning, nothing. Apparently part of our front yard was actually their property and they WAITED to tell us/show us proof until we brought it up. I would have been more angry if I hadn't found out that it really was theirs.
Also, the husband of the house is in a band (that is crappy), and they often have practice there. Loud, bad.

Tabby Catty

Courtney loves Ruby
Let's see, when I first moved here at about the age of six there was these two girls named Jessica and Danielle and we always went over to each other's houses and it was a blast until their father got a job and they moved to Washington, eventually they moved back but on the other side of town.

Then, I had this really messed up family with a girl about my age named Jasmine who had Dementia and was kind of mentally unstable and her two brothers who are twelve and can barely even read so they are pretty much permanently held back in third grade. I played with her a couple times, she was kind of meh... but my mother stopped me from coming over as her condition got worse and because she seemed to be pregnant too.

I feel sorry for that family though, they have eleven kids, originally two, but the two are moved out of the house, but they were financially unable to take care of them so she adopted them so technically they are her grandchildren, it's messed up. Eventually they moved away and now there is this nice, young, happy couple with a dog named Hudson which my dog Lily always barks at.

Oh yeah, and over my fence in the backyard is this house with a pool and the people there always throw pool parties and I'M SO JEALOUS because I constantly hear them jump off the diving board.


i have nice neighbours myself we allways help eachother in the neighbourhood if it's a tree that has to be cut down or a cow that is running loose.

though one of my neighbours has a funny detail though, the man next door is a homosexual man of the age of 70 which is a nice guy but allways wears a strong flower perfume for some reason, when he sometimes goes for a walk i can litterly follow his route by scent xD