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Written Insanity~
Lol. I used to have a neighbor who never came out of their house. Their house was facing ours across the street and you could sometimes see their shadows going across the windows, but you NEVER saw them o__o it was extremely creepy. Their house looked like an old run-down mansion to me, too. lol. >.< I was little, so I was always freaked to be around that house.


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Well, I've had some sweet neighbors until 2003 when they moved in. Two 20-30 year old women moved upstairs over out apartment. They always wanted to borrow quarters for laundry, played "I Melt" (country song, great song). However, they played that everyday, annoying us beyond belief. Then an Arabian couple moved in. Arguing, a baby stroller under the stairs (illegal where I lived) and that's about it.


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Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boomboomboomboomboomboomboomboom....

The girls next door like their music loud. You should have been here on their eighteenth birthday. It went on till about four in the morning. >_<

And they used to always seem to start playing it just as I settled down to watch the TV. It was as if they had their ear to the wall and were saying, 'Hey, someone next door is watching TV! Let's disrupt their experience!'
The people who live across the street from me, look like the most normal couple ever. Very nice, my parents sometimes have them over for dinner and they go out together.

Then you take a look at their kids. They have a son who's always getting arrested, and daughter who's known around my school for selling herself for drugs/alcohol.

Oh em gee.


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The people that live right next to us (no one lives on our left) are...odd. Theres this fat guy named John, who everyone calls John John (my family calls him Bon Bon secretly), he has a squeaky voice and is mentally...off. He lives with his dad, who yells a lot, so sometimes i'll be just sitting around, only to hear tons of shouting from next door. He told my dad that John was caught looking at child porn, so he was kicked out of college. My dad told the neighbors across from us about it when he was over there and noticed John playing with their little grand kids in the pool. Well apparently they got mad at my dad, saying that John is harmless. Whatever, if something happens, at least we can say we warned them. You know how the majority of child predators turn out to be your neighbors? I keep that in mind.

Oh and those same neighbors that live across from us, we don't get along with too well. They stick their noses into everyone's business, and they tried to get us in trouble when my dad was building a garage way out back. They mentioned at some town meeting how we were running an illegal business, just because my dad helped the neighbors down the street pull their truck out from the wetland. So he can't even help people? His truck had the right equipment for helping them, since he works in construction.

We live on a street with a dead end btw. The people farther down from us used to have a dog named Jasmine, and one time they paid me to feed her and stuff while they went on vacation. Anyways, she's old, and they told me that if she dies while they're away, it's fine. Oh and they told my mom that they've never taken her to the vet either, even when she got sick o.o They're nice people, but that's kind of cruel. That same year the dog died.

Speaking of which, the people that live next to them have a dalmatian, and when I went to feed Jasmine once, their dog chased me home on my bike.
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The people over the road's TV is so big, we can watch it from our kitchen. Thier taste in TV is poor though...

Also, once I came home at lunch and heard my neighbour singing really loudly.

Lastly, I can never tell the difference between my cat wanting some attention and the little kid next door.


Our neighbours are okay. They don't cause us any hassle. One gave me a really cute dancing doll which made music, I still have it somewhere after all these years I think unless my mum hasn't sold it. One of the old men used to help with mum in the garden by giving her his spare garden tools. his wife has cancer now. Though when I was living in one of the flats in my town, they always used to have loud music and would steal our milk.
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When I lived in North Carolina, I lived in a douplex, I had some annoying neighbors, by day they were fine, but twice every night at about 12am, and again at 5am they had SERIOUSLY LOUD SEX, omg they were so ****ing loud, it's not like I'd mind but I shared the wall in my room with what seemed to be their favorite sex scene, every night you could hear that womans HORRENDOUS MOANING, which was pretty ****ed up considering they had three children, none of them the dude's kids(he's white, she and her kids are black). The kids were like 6 or 7 for gods sake!

Sorry but I just had to get that off ma chest -_-

Anyway, Riversong, I've had my share of dog trouble myself with some neighbors who aparently think it's cute to send their pitbull chasing after everyone that walks by them -_-, as for bon bon, anonymously have the cops go to his house and go through his computer
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Hey Mexican, was the huge *** text really necessary?

Anyways, I wouldn't know about any neighbor stories, since my family lives out in the boonies. Our nearest neighbor is about a half a mile away. Yay for no dogs crapping on my lawn!


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Anyway, Riversong, I've had my share of dog trouble myself with some neighbors who aparently think it's cute to send their pitbull chasing after everyone that walks by them -_-, as for bon bon, anonymously have the cops go to his house and go through his computer

Lol oh geez, I guarantee they'd find something. A few months ago we heard his dad yelling at him again over money, and he said, "You sit on your *** all day in front of the computer looking at porn!" Hmm what kind of porn?

Oh yeah, today our dog Otis escaped from the dog kennel when my mom put him outside, because my brother forgot to lock the gate last night. He's escaped before, and we don't live on a busy road at all, so we weren't that worried, he's always come back on his own after a few hours of roaming the woods. So anyways, we're outside enjoying the weather when Bon Bon walks over holding Otis, who apparently went into his house through the open doggie door! We apologized, but Bon Bon was like, "Oh it's fine! He can come over any time! 8D", some kid one street over said before how when his dog escaped and was missing for over a day, it turned out that Bon Bon had him the whole time. Well it's better than him being all ****** over Otis going into his house, but at the same time it's kind of weird lol.

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Eh, I don't have much of a problem with my neighbors. There's a freshman that lives next door, and he finds pleasure in shooting my very nice boxer dog with paintballs. Yeah, he's real mature.
Most of my neighbors are old people that are very nice to us (help us in need, offer baked pastries, etc.), though there are also some weird people that live down the street in apartments. On more than occasion have I heard gunshots coming from down there. Someone was even on the news recently for being shot at one of those apartments.


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Hey Mexican, was the huge *** text really necessary?

Anyways, I wouldn't know about any neighbor stories, since my family lives out in the boonies. Our nearest neighbor is about a half a mile away. Yay for no dogs crapping on my lawn!
this made me lol for some reason


My neighbors are all college boys. You can imagine the awesomeness.

The guys who share our living room wall are normally pretty quiet, unless there's some sort of sporting event going on, then they're screaming like.. well, crazed drunken fans.
We have the RAs on the other side of us, so they're not too loud, and we don't have an actual room on the other side of us.

Now, the boys above us are the real trouble. I'm on the top bunk of a bunkbed, so I get the brunt of their shenanigans. They're pretty quiet during the day, but I swear they must sumo-wrestle at three in the morning. I don't know what they're doing, but it keeps me awake regardless.


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My neighbors are disturbingly quiet. The family living in the house to the left of mine are never seen; only their butler (they have a butler) watering the plants outside. Once I accidentally kicked the pile of leaves he was raking while jogging and he's given me murderous glares ever since.

The woman who lives across from me has her house behind a hill, and has converted her side of said hill into a gigantic garden, complete with Greek statues and a small bungalow-thing. Every afternoon she parks outside of her house to survey her garden. I always wave at her gardeners when I go outside for a smoke; they're the same guys who go to play soccer at the empty lot next to the park, which is where some of friends meet.

The neighbors to the right of me are a poor family; the house's owners left it to them when they moved somewhere else. They were the help of that house. The owners are supposed to come back to this house every once in a while, but have mysteriously disappeared altogether. The presently-living family's son is a good friend of my brother.

The only exception to the general quiet are the family living next to the garden woman, whose children skate down the street every weekend. It's occasionally annoying.


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Fortunately my neighbors on one side are the quintessential American family and couldn't be better people, and on the other side are a quiet couple in their 60's. The worst I have is a guy with his own construction company 2 houses away that wakes everyone up at 6 am on some sort of loud equipment. White suburbia rules.

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At my old house, the next door neighbor's dog barked almost constantly, which was really frustrating, especially if you were sleeping when it kicked in. Dad posted laxatives several times though, bit of revenge and what not.

Where I live now, the neighbors all seem fine apart from the fact that a guy I dislike in high school lives in an apartment above me so I have to bump into him every so often...


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I thought it would be somewhat, not really appropaite to put here but...


Dear God the action above is only justifyable if you are a playmate or something. Ugh, get me an oxygen tank.