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I've never really seen or talked to my neighbors. On one side there's an old woman who rarely comes outside of the house and calls my dog (named Chloe) "Cleo." On the left side, a family I never see is renting the house - seriously, I never see anybody!

Across the street there used to be a family of bikers, but it seems they lost the house due to the economy. The garage is all boarded up and everything is empty.


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We don't bother with anyone across or down the street from us. Everybody pretty much keeps to themselves. The kids from the house directly left of us, however, like to play in our backyard with my sisters and the little boy who lives downstairs. We get a handful of neighborhood kids in our yard and driveway because of the basketball hoop and the tire swing I strung up.

The only problematic neighbors are the family who live downstairs from us. I suppose the mom is a nice enough person; tries to be kind and sweet and religious and all that. But she's got some family issues of her own, and she refuses to work or get a license, so she's quite a leech on our family. She's usually requesting help from us in some way or another. And her son can be a downright spoiled brat, although he's come to be a pseudo-little brother to me, of sorts. They've caused us way too much trouble to be very fond of them, though. Meh. =/

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My street is really antisocial. I used to be friends with some kids at the bottom of the road but I havent spoken to them for years.

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I have nice neighbors now, but when I was younger, it was a different story.

We had this house next door (PAINTED PINK) that was basically used for renting. And so many people moved in and out of there, I'm serious. Well, occasionally we'd get good neighbors who had manners and/or kids we could play with. This one boy from that house gave us a Pikachu card when he moved, and that was awesome (back then). My dad even gave away his little car to one family so the husband coud go to work. He doesn't regret doing it, especially since they moved away with it. And there were a couple more good neighbors, but I can't remember them.

Then there were the bad. These people were obnoxious, having parties almost every night and blasting their music. Mom actually called the cops on one guy a few times because of this, but did he listen? I swear one of these neighbors was burning trash in his back yard, but Mom wasn't too sure if they were. These are the only bad things I can recall from these kinds of neighbors, but my parents have more stories they'd like to tell me.

The reason this house was used for renting? There were two evil spirits residing inside, brought over from the bad neighbors. Dad was supposed to go rid the house of them, but he never did. I think the situation was terrible enough he could never step inside. My parents were actually very happy we were able to move. We thankfully have the kind of neighbors we wanted this whole time, much like Gary and Sara (nice people who were childless, but had dogs and a very tall tree before it got knocked over by a windstorm) back at the old house.

But I think the teenagers around here are party people. About a month ago, while I was up getting together a talk for church, I heard these teenagers blasting their music from the car next door and talking and yakking like banshees. It was "Hollaback Girl", the only song I could recognize by name from their ignorance. The dogs were howling that night. But at least I was able to finish around midnight.

Oh, and this one kid from across the street stole my brother's scooter. He was riding it around when my other brother noticed it was similar to the one we got. Which it was.
Up until a year and a half ago, I didn't mind living in my small, cramped neighborhood - it was actually quite peaceful. It started becoming annoying when this guy and his two dogs moved in a house down across the street. For about a month or so, he let them out of the garage at 10 P.M. every night, waking up and pissing off everyone until they made him build a fence to keep them in his yard, but they still bark constantly. They even tried to chase me on the way to my mom's car - it scared the crap out of me.

Next was the Mexican neighbor that moved in. One of his kids got a modified car from him since he owns a used-car dealership and he's started speeding around the neighborhood for kicks, which probably triggered the drag races that I'm sure are going on somewhere in the neighborhood, since I can hear engines revving high every afternoon. I'm not particularly annoyed by him, but I don't want anyone to be hurt by his crappy driving skills.

Last is the firecrackers that some kids recently started blowing up in their mailbox. It's happened before, but these kids are so loud & obnoxious about it that I thought I heard a gunshot at 11 P.M, which really scared me. Having a dog in the family who is scared of loud noises only makes the situation even more annoying.


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I barely interact with my neighbors at all... I only know 3 kids well, and trust me: we're not good friends... I'm an independent person, anyway. : P


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Wow. Seriously? That happened? I didn't know sex could get that loud. o_O I mean... THAT loud, really?

This was at 2 in the morning, besides nothing else was going on, and cars don't pass that often at two in the morning, besides my bedroom kinda reaches out towards thier bed room...I forgot you never saw any of our rooms when up came. XP


Pretty much the only thing that's of notice of my neighborhood is the fact that it's near a fire station. I'll tell you one thing for sure: the only thing that's worse than a dog barking uncontrollably is the fire siren. That's loud. If that doesn't make your eardrums ring, then I don't know what will...

Other than that, my neighborhood is boring, as most of my neighbors are elderly; at least in their late 40's.
One of my neighbors are the type of people that do drugs, but I don't see them that much... My other neighbors are nice, I guess. Except this one woman was watching me when I was raking the lawn... and singing to my iPod...

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I don't pay attention to my neighbors. The couple that lives next to us has 4 kids and all they do is scream day and night. The other one uses a snowblower on his lawn in winter. o_O


My street is really antisocial. I used to be friends with some kids at the bottom of the road but I havent spoken to them for years.

like a underwater rock filled with oisters, it can't be any worse than that except for a neighbourwar, maybe you guys should have a party for the neighbourhood to learn each other better?

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I also forgot to mention this, but in the summer, there is this neighbor in the evening that plays the bagpipe to get ready for the parade. It's not annoying, but he plays it outside, seriously...

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My street is short with two dead ends and a street that connects us to the service road. Since the street is short, keeping track of all our neighbors is much easier.

On my right (if I were facin the street) is the token nice old lady... actually we have a lot of those and she's not really that old looking. I think her granddaughter lives on the second floor of the house and their house has brown and white aluminum siding on it although because the side facing our house was always in the sun, it faded to a purple so I always thought it was purple.

On my left side is this wacked family. They're French Jewish and half the family is normal. The other half (the mom and son) are wack. The mom has a large butt that when she does the gardening, my mom always sees her butt in the air because their front yard is right next to our side yard because the street goes on an angle and our side yard is huuuuge. Their house is also brown, how odd. But anway, her son used to be friends with my older sister (she's 30 now). The son cut the bushes in front of the house to make them look like freggin mushrooms and the mom (who smoked a lot so she sounds like a guy) and she put a rusty metal wheelbarrow on her lawn (which is always full of weeds and sprinklers that always spray against each other and make an odd cracking sound.) and the wheelbarrow has these flowers in them. It'd be nice if the barrow were decorative but it's freggin rusty!
The family is not Italian which is odd because they have this gravely ugly driveway and my mom said they have Brooklyn traits. Too bad they're probably not moving away because they've been here as long as my parents.

Across the block is an Iranian couple who always speak in Farsi to each other. They've had some problems but they live in a nice house with a very long, triangle-shaped property. The wife told us her husband was cheating on her. The husband told us the wife stabbed him in his leg and slapped him and broke his glasses and that he has a restraining order against her even though they live in the same house. But that quietted down and it's as if that stuff never happened.

Next to the Jewish family lives an old lady who has alzheimers but has lived years. Living with her are her daughter and these kids who I see playing on the lawn a lot. Don't know much about the kids though, just that they like to yell a lot and their mother yells at them a lot. Next to them is an Italian family (although I thought they were Hispanic at first) of two girls, grandparents and the parents. I ruined my chance of being friend with them by being a ***** to them. Next to them at the end of the block is a couple with an odd, mysterious yard. I once saw a water pump in the yard and heard stories that they had a secret in-ground swimming pool on the top of their backyard in the woods and they have a path behind their lawn that leads to another part of the neighborhood. If I ever learn to fly, I'll explore their yard by air.

Across from them is a true Italian family. I mean Italiano Italian. It's a really nice house but it's obviously Italian with the stucco. They do have a lawn with lush vegitation which is a true surprise.

I'm gonna have to wrap this up. On the other part of the street, between the linking road and the Mcmansion development are five houses and the home to a family of chickens and roosters. The two houses on the left side are home to two grandmothers. The houses are nearly identical except one is really nicely kept. Across from the two houses are three houses. The middle one helped the chicken population from dying out by bringing them in from Oklahoma. The two houses on either side of the middle house aren't that interesting except that one is currently the grazing field of the chickens.


I've got guidos, Iranians, Jewish people, regular Italians, chickens and a couple with an mysterious backyard.
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My neighbors aren't that bad - there's a family with 2 kids who I used to go and play with (now they just come to my place for SSBB), another family with 5 kids who I didn't really get to know much, and a guy who lives in the US and who I only see when he's coming on vacation here, which is like 1 week a year.


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Well I've got some new neighbours who moved a few days ago and they're alright exept their dog who threatens school kids, yet doesn't threaten his master's kids.., but they're new, so it's nothing big.


All my neighbors are fine. There's this one lady about two houses down though that's from a foreign country. I've never talked to her. And I think her daughter lives on the street behind us.But sometimes she'll just be standing there on her porch for no reason at all. It just kinda creeps me out.


It's strange - in the neighborhood I grew up in, most of everybody talked to everybody else, had barbecues and such. It was fun and I always had somebody to play with. Maybe it's a Southern thing?

that doesn't sound very accurate, what makes you think that the north are all oisters?


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I live in the country, so most of my neighbors live atleast a mile away. We don't have alot to do with most of them, but some of them totally ignore the fact that there are other people living out here, and just shoot wherever they want. We kind of live in a hole, so it always goes over the house, but it's so freaky to hear bullets flying over the house. Other than that it's pretty quiet around here.


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My next-door neighbours are really no trouble at all. The lady who lives to the left of me and the family is in her 60's, widowed and is often away on days out, visits to Scotland to see her Granddaughter or month long trips to Australia to see her daughter. On the right is a 97-year-old man who basically just lives a routine day-to-day life and is no trouble.

Now the family who live four doors down? They certainly live up to dysfunctional...